Feature: 5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better Than Consoles

steam pc softwareGaming on PC has its downfalls, yesterday I posted ‘5 Reasons Why The PC Is The Worst Platform To Game On‘ explaining the problems the PC has.

That’s not to say the PC is all bad, in fact it’s far from it.

Today, as promised, I’m going to explain why the PC is also the best platform to get your gaming buzz off.

1. Games Are Cheaper!!!

If you play all your games on a console, you will no doubt have gone into your favorite shop to buy a game and found that the exact same title is considerably cheaper for the PC than it is on the PS3 or Xbox 360.

Yes, sometimes the game is a poor port with many bugs, but the majority of the time you’ll have just the same experience and fun as you would by buying a more expensive copy of the game on a console.

It’s not just in retail either. Services like Steam are pushing digital content harder and faster than a crack addict with a deadline. Deals are ever-present and most of the time offer better value for money than any offer on the consoles respective online stores.

2. Games Look Better

One of the most used weapons used in “console wars” (casualty list: 0) is which one has the best graphics.

It’s a bit petty and to be honest, most multi platform games look pretty much identical, and to me, the only visual difference is “Press Square” instead of “Press X.”

Then over on the top end gaming PC’s you have the likes of Battlefield 3 and Skyrim, both out on consoles mind you, but looking many times better. That’s because PC’s can be upgraded with the latest graphic cards and drivers and other pieces of magic that makes things in games look pretty. The consoles are still stuck with hardware from 6/7 years ago with no option to upgrade until the “next-generation” of consoles come out.

3. You Can Mod To Your Hearts Content

Modding¬† is probably my personal favorite reason to game on a PC. The ability to add something completely surreal to a game is fantastic, and the best part is it’s completely free. Whether you want to fly around GTA IV as Iron Man or play The Sims 3 with added items, it’s all readily available on the countless community created websites. It’s fantastic to see people come together and share their own creativity with everybody else, at the same time providing others with something to enhance their own games.

You can’t mod on your console games unless there is a specific mode, like Halo 4‘s “Forge” or LittleBigPlanet‘s “Create” modes. Modding your console games will actually end up getting you banned from whichever online service you are using, whether it’s Xbox Live or Playstation Network, modding is strictly prohibited.

On PC however, the act of modding a game is actually encouraged. The game makers themselves release modding tools created especially for bedroom hackers and programmers to create extra content for the community. You just can’t beat some good old-fashioned free stuff.

4. You Can Play Online For Free, Plus More!

Ok, this one is directed a bit more towards the Xbox 360 and its Xbox Live service. The Playstation 3 comes ready to play online without paying a penny. (Other than the thousands of pennies it took to buy the console.)

It’s not just the ability to easily play online for free, it’s the fact that a PC will let you do everything your console can do, plus an infinite amount more. With Xbox Live you must have a Gold subscription which costs around ¬£40 or $60 a year, and for your money you get the privilege of playing online and using services such as Netflix or Lovefilm, services you already pay for. Run out of Xbox Live Gold and you will be cut off from your video streaming services, apps, and even the ability to redeem free DLC from your freshly bought pre-order.

The only time you will get that problem on the PC is if your internet connection is lost, the rest of the time you are free to do what you like. Browse the web on whichever browser you like, do some online shopping, download a game or watch some videos, whatever takes your fancy really. The PC is a platform with multiple uses, something consoles will never be able to compete with.

5. You Can Play Games From Yesteryear

Emulation is a touchy subject, some people are all out against it, others fully embrace the movement. Personally, I think it’s great and the big companies should really be doing more to help out.

Just a quick run through for those unfamiliar with emulation. Emulation is basically getting a program, an emulator, and using it on you PC to play ROM files (games.)

So basically you can download an emulator and the relevant ROM files to play a game that is now almost impossible to find for purchase. It’s an idea that should be taken on board by the console makers, and in some way it already is. Sony have implemented PSOne and PS2 emulation for the Playstation 3 (60GB model only) and for the PSP and PS Vita you can run PSOne classics. The problem is that not all games are supported, but you can pretty much guarantee that most are available and working for the emulators available on the PC.

The legalities of emulation are a bit of a grey area, something you would be better off reading up on in this Wikipedia article.

Yes I know we can just re-buy the old games and the old games consoles, but they won’t last forever. Digitally these old classics can live on, and if Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, or any other company for that matter would create a definitive library of games from previous generations, along with emulators that play the flawlessly, and then charge us a small fee for access to them without the worry of legal ramifications, I’m pretty sure most of us would at least give it a try.

There are obviously more than 5 reason to play on a PC rather than a console, but these are in my opinion the stand-out reasons.

Why do you think PC gaming is superior? Or do you think the opposite? Let us know in the comments below!


  • DimensionalSound

    Great article! Might be a slippery slope for a die-hard console gamer like myself. But there was one casualty in the “console wars”: Dreamcast.

    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      Thanks! I think it’s hard to accept, but at the end of the day each and every platform has its pro’s. Glad you enjoyed, if it informs and entertains, my job is done :)

  • Goosfraba

    I think that PC gaming appeals to the (for lack of a better term) – ‘smart consumer’. Things like modular upgrades, the ability to emulate old games and mod new ones all require technical prowess and dedication to what happens behind the scenes in games that a lot of console gamers don’t have (or even want).

    Consoles just don’t hold the magic for me. I remember my first interaction with a PC crashing (1996 – I was 6). Windows 95 froze and had to be unplugged from the wall to turn off. The system restarted and automatically started def-ragging (which basically looked like a ton of punctuation marks, back then) – I burst into tears.

    One thing to add besides the above – we can emulate older consoles too – I only found this out this year though. We can manage PS2 at the moment – how long til we get PS3 as well?

    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      I agree, those who know what they are doing with a PC will be completely fine, whereas your average joe who doesn’t know the ins and outs will find themselves frustrated when problems arise.

      Re: PS2 emulation, I heard that emulation was coming along, but with only a select amount of playable games. I think PS3 emulation and Xbox 360 emulation will be a long way off, plus, there’ no need for it. With games from the SNES or Sega Megadrive, it’s hard to get hold of a working console, nevermind the games, so emulation helps those who want to go a bit retro.

    • Mitch North

      I still really think the consoles should opt for modular upgrades next-gen. This generation, given how long it has lasted, would have benefited greatly from some memory boosting. Of course there are many notable times throughout console history where they have done so but they seem quite against it right now.

  • Jin

    To sum up the article. He just means its all about preference and taste. I can deal with that.

    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      Exactly. Cheers.

  • ChrisTheGamesCabin

    I usually delete comments which are full of profanities, but for the sake of showing the world what goes on in the head of a complete retard, I’ll keep this one.

    My personal highlght – “You all deserve to play Russian roulette with a full load clip and
    assassinate yourselves in suicide, homicide, genocide, whatever the case
    as long as your all dead.”

    • Chris Better Die

      “I usually delete comments which are full of profanities, but for the
      sake of showing the world what goes on in the head of a complete retard,
      I’ll keep this one”


      Care to actually counter my points? Insults is all you got? I didn’t expect much from a PC gamer.

  • Die Hard PC

    @cf4d640e2dff3d62d93d0103e87efa01:disqus you mad bro ? even a 5 or 6 year older PC game look better than last of us or halo 4. And i think you havent seen the watch dogs or star wars 1313`s trailer yet . Once you see it , you will definitely shit in your pants and also on your 5 years console. I am not saying that halo 4 and last of us doesnt have good graphics. All i am saying is that they cant be just compared to any AAA PC game

    • Chris Better Die

      The fact remains that Halo 4 and The Last of Us are good looking games. They might not be better looking than the best looking PC games, but they are better than more than half the turd on PCs. Good graphic =/= Good game anyway.

  • http://www.facebook.com/garivineous.jenkins Garivineous Jenkins

    What do you idiots think console games are made on? I didnt know that 360’s and PS3’s werent PC’s! And thank you! I am an ” Elitist ” and I will tell you why. I am the kind of guy that stomps on pests like you to go hump the prom queen! Now dont you have a hole to go crawl in!

    • Chris Better Die

      LOL U MAD BRO?

      Don Hate Cuz I Speak DA TRUTH!

  • Mitch North

    Actually it kind of bugs me that you didn’t talk about it as being an Open Platform. Why? That is easily the best thing about PC. Anybody can make a game and put it out there. It serves to better the integrity of the medium in general. Consoles have more consistent quality but it feels like everything goes through a series of rigorous checks just to make sure each game is console-worthy (and all that stands for). Right now, in the era of blockbuster games, I feel that the PC is a breathe of fresh air because it reminds you that people really care about making games, not just making money.

    • Chris Better Die

      “not just making money.”

      So you admit that PC is the place for video game devs to make a living thanks to you pirating pricks?

      • Chris Better Die


      • Chris better die better die

        Markus Perrson is worth $40,000,000 thanks to a game that was originally and still is best on PC. Your argument is invalid. Also, almost all ,multiplayer games on PC are just as hard to pirate as their Xbox equivalent. Cod doesn’t sell well on PC because there are way more games on PC that are cheaper and better, tribes ascend, tf2 (can play on Xbox but best on PC). PC versions of AAA console games have to compete with cheaper games that are just as good or better.

  • Mitch North

    I pirate games. We should go for a coffee and talk about it. You’ve suggested yourself to be a pretty laid-back guy and that we’d get on well.. I also regularly contribute article pieces to blogs and online magazines about why those games are good and people should be playing them. What do you do? Just consume? Cool.

    • Chris Better Die

      You pirate games!? I don’t want to get coffee or talk to you, you prick! Go trip off a bridge and meet your doom!

      • Mitch North

        I like you. You’re funny.

  • http://www.facebook.com/boomzday Saqib Mansoor

    Bashing PC for piracy?

    Every Xbox 360 title lands on the torrents 2 weeks before launch. Suck on that you dumb fuck.

    • Chris Better Die


      Halo 4 landed on torrents but still ended up selling nearly 4 million in a WEEK. BO2 got leaked, but still ended up selling 6 million on the 360 alone in a WEEK. Besides you get banned from online when you play illegal copies games whereas with PC you get no punishment.

      Speaking of PC, what about PC huh? 400k lo for BO2l? Only 300K more than the horrible CoD BO: Declassified which is on the “dead” Vita. Evidence that piracy is a HUGE problem on the PC when the biggest game in CALL OF DUTY can’t even break a million on PC. Look at GTA4 sales too. It didn’t break a mil on PC either and then PC pirating pricks wonder why Rockstar and Take 2 don’t release GTA5 on the same day as consoles or why Red Dead never came to PC. It’s because you PC a-holes don’t buy the sh**! You guys don’t give income to hard working developers! Sorry to be so blunt, buy you guys need to hear the truth…

      • nando

        It’s funny how these PC gamers invesnt $400 dollars to $700 dollars on a graphic card, but won’t spend 49.99 for a game that make’s it shine…. how sad……..

  • mazty

    Planetside 2 and DOTA 2. Free games are not “clutching at straws”. Games look much better, and much better games help with immersion. Don’t believe me? Go ask what Chris Roberts thinks.
    Halo 4 looks laughably dated. Do you really think that comes even close to the original crysis or metro 2033? I’m guessing you’ve never actually played on a gaming PC before, but are happy ranting about something you know nothing about.

    PC’s are by far better then the consoles to game on as they have more variety and power, plus immature kids tend not to have the cash at hand to afford them, making for a better group of people.

  • StonePillow

    Pc wind for sure

  • StonePillow


  • PillowOfStone

    actually, you console fanboys sicken me, pc games are cheaper because of the licensing rights needed to dev for console, halo 4 and the last of us will look good but pc games will still look better due to the ability to tweak and mod the graphical quality, and i think what the post meant by emulation is that emulation is legal as long as you have a physical copy of the game you’re going to emulate, like if my ps2 were to break, i could easily play my ps2 games using my pc. Finally genocide’s a serious matter, you’re just bringing things that have nothing to do with this into play because you really have no valid reasons why it’s better, so in turn you threaten us, the pc gaming community, chill dude