5 Reasons Why The PC Is The Worst Platform To Game On

pc gaming There are those who will only ever game on their beloved PC, those who insist a console is the only way to play, and the rest of us who don’t mind what we play on, as long as we have some fun.

I come from the latter group of people, I don’t care if I’m playing a full HD game on a massive TV or some Super Mario on an ancient Gameboy. My problem is that one of my favourite platforms is being ruined, and to me it’s all because of the following five points.

1. Poor Ports

It’s a sad fact that these days PC games are now, for the most part, ports of the console versions. Unfortunately they are not always good ports, and more often than should be accepted, they turn out to be pretty dire. Dark Souls being the most recent port to be hounded with problems. It’s not the only big name title to get the poor port treatment with GTA IV, Dead Space, Saints Row 2 and Assassin’s Creed all getting ripped to shreds by angry and frustrated players.

Most of the big games companies today started out developing their titles for the PC, but with the focus shifting onto the consoles, developers are concentrating on the little box 10-year-old Timmy can easily set up without Mum and Dad, leaving the poor PC out in the cold.


2. Piracy

Yes, before you shoot straight down to the comments and leave your many insults, I know that the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, along with the Nintendo Wii are prone to piracy. The fact of the matter is though, piracy is just easier to accomplish on a PC.

More often than not it’s a simple case of going to a well known torrent sharing website, searching for the game you want to download, downloading the game, follow the instructions and you are now playing a game that somebody else has had to pay for.

At least for a console, you wont get little Timmy and his happy gang going through the process of downloading an Xbox 360 game and burning it to a disk. Don’t forget he also needs to modify his console, not something the average 10-year-old can accomplish.*

Of course there are going to be those who do go through the process needed to pirate a game for a console, but the fact it’s so much easier on the PC is one of the reasons developers and publishers alike are treating the PC like a ginger step child.

Which brings me on to my next point…

3. DRM

DRM (Digital Rights Management) is possibly the number one reason I have been put off playing games on my laptop. The idea behind the concept is all good, put in the DRM’s to prevent pirating, reducing the number of times the game is pirated and therefore making the game makers the money they should rightfully be receiving.

Except it works less than a council estate scumbag. Just look how many games are actually being pirated. Literally every single game available that has DRM protections has been pirated. In the end, the DRM’s end up punishing the people who paid the money to play the game. I’ve experienced this frustration first hand with Assassin’s Creed II. Ubisoft implemented a feature to the game that required that you must always be online to play the game. This might not sound completely unreasonable, but although it is 2012 there are still people out there who don’t have internet access. Yes the numbers are few, but those people shouldn’t be punished when they haven’t even got the capability to pirate the damn game.

My own experience with Assassin’s Creed II’s DRM is one that caused me to fling the disk from my balcony and never bother again. I travel a fair bit, and as a result I sometimes end up at a hotel that doesn’t provide WiFi, or if they do it’s £5 an hour (damn you Travelodge!) and I’m not shelling out that much just to play my own game.

You may not find yourself in the same position as me, but what if you lose internet for a few days? Pretty much buggered if you play all your games on the PC. Of course there are other things to do, like read a book, look out the window and image what the sun would feel like on your skin, but if you pay for a product then you should be able to use it whenever you like.

4. Controls Are Just Not Easy

For the life of me I cannot play using a keyboard or mouse. Yes, go ahead and lay your best insults in the comments, I accept I probably deserve them.

I really can’t shake the feeling that my fingers are playing twister and my mouse is a nervous wreck, shaking at the slightest movement I make. It’s not just me, I know there are many others out there who can’t get our infantile minds around the concept of using a keyboard to move and a mouse to point. Luckily there are other options, suck as using your Xbox 360 controller or Playstation 3 controller, or just any controller that is compatible with your computer. It seems it should be a standard, but unfortunately, it’s not.

Take Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for example, no gamepad support. I was thoroughly shocked and a little amused when I put my disc into the laptop and got into the menus and discovered that I am stuffed unless I can learn to play with the keyboard and mouse. The most baffling thing is, Black Ops and Black Ops 2 support the option, why not Modern Warfare 3?

It’s an odd thing to leave out, something that could potential pull in a few more sales. It can’t be that hard to implement it either.

Speaking of implementing, or whatever…

5. Computers Are A Pain In The Arse

I’m not going to lie, you open a computer and put it in front of me then do the same with the beans, I can tell you more how the beans work than the computer does. Simply put, I know nothing about the insides of a computer. I know there’s a fan in there somewhere, only because I can hear the little bastard spinning every waking hour of my day.

Point is, if something goes wrong, I’m stuffed. It’s not just me, it’s the countless other buffoons who can turn on the computer and make it do flashy things, but the second it rebels, we crumble like a fallen dictator. It ends up being an expensive trip to the computer shop to get it fixed, something that in the end would probably be cheaper to fix myself, if I knew what a GPU was.

That’s not all. With each and every game having specific requirements it’s often a lucky dip as to what can be played. I can play Assassin’s Creed (the first one, number II is in some French street) but I’m buggered if I dare try to play Splinter Cell. I put Black Ops 2 in my machine, everything’s fine. I put Battlefield 3 in, the laptop has a spaz attack.

There’s so many different graphics cards, processors, GPU’s, CPU’s, that when I look at the back of the box and peek down to the system requirements, I just say “fuck it” and take it anyway. A simplified method would be much appreciated, but I don’t think we’ll see one.

Of course you are going to disagree with at least one of the above, maybe even all of the above, or maybe you are just like me and you agree with all of the points.

Whatever side of the line you stand on, there has to be a common concern amongst those of us who enjoy a bit of gaming on our PC’s. laptops and Mac’s, consoles are the priority for the time being.

Check back tomorrow (24/11/2012, or if you are from the US of A, 11/24/12) for the counter article, ‘5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better Than Consoles.’

What do you think? Valid points or the ramblings of a mad man? Are there any points I missed out? Go ahead and put your mark in the comments below, and don’t forget to insult me for not being able to use a keyboard or mouse. Best insult wins a special prize!



  • Zach

    I personally don’t understand why people love PC so much. It’s a great platform and all, and there is definitely stuff you can do on it that will pretty much never be on consoles (modding a game like Skyrim, making a game as awesome as Planetside) but I will always game on consoles. I agree with the whole controller thing, and my computer has screwed me over in the past with a problem no one else encountered and it was quite frustrating fixing it. Poor ports have never really bothered me, but I can see why that is an issue. Piracy in my opinion makes it better considering there are games for free, but of course piracy really isn’t doing anything to make a developer want to return and spend money making their games for the PC.

    • cmoyano

      thus the reason why you should onot bother being a pc gamer. stick to your comfy couch, all of what you just mentioned is what makes pc gaming what it is. FUN. It is not a hassle to unlock the limitations set by your beloved consoles, and when you do tweak that ini file that gives you all these benefits, its glorious. Controllers are slower, no accuracy and you must love that auto aim, aim assist crap.

      Please, witcher 2 disagrees with you, so does diablo 3, metro 2033 and plenty of other games that have surpassed the 1, 2 3 or even 10 million sales mark. PC gaming not profitable? 70 percent of money goes to developers on steamworks, plus free update and patch support. Indie games? PC. Skyrim as well in terms of sales. PC gaming is def profitable and theres a reason thre are more pc exclusives this year and all games are proper ports now with their own pc assets and graphics options.

  • Apocolyptica

    I do agree with your point about the controls. Why people love using a device intended for word processing over a device like a gamepad that is meant for gaming I will never know. That said, the gaming experience as a whole is far more satisfying to me on the PC. The visuals and performance are so much better on PC, case in point Far Cry 3 for the PC is the superior version according to the reviewers.

  • Anonymous

    In response to criticism about the controller, many pc gamers find that using a keyboard and mouse set up works much faster and easier than the controller counterparts. Personally I have a pc that can play some decent games and I went from playing Blacklight: Retribution (or Planetside 2 for that matter) to MW3 for the ps3 and I found that the ps3 controller was just too unresponsive for my tastes. (and no before you say anything about the ps3 controller being worse than the Xbox controller, it was the same for both). I think the main thing about a pc that I like better than consoles is Steam. If a console had a system like that (and they might I don’t know) then I would probably go back to consoles. But hey I’m not trying to correct your opinion I’m just offering my own.

  • FuckYouChris

    Die you stupid Faggot.

  • kevin

    I think you have the IQ of a fucking potato if you think this.

    Holy shit i’ve never read such a stupid fucking review before the pc is the most superior platform ever you can’t even say otherwise without sounding like a complete twat.

    can’t be arsed using proper grammar as i do not want to waste my time on this.

    Goodbye and good luck playing on your console.

  • Goosfraba

    I’d hope that anyone who plays games so much would know SOMETHING about computers and how they work – go to howstuffworks and you’ll find that the insides of your PC tower are pretty simple to come to terms with. 😛

    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      I’ll take that as advice! Personally, I just don’t have the time to know what the insides of a laptop/pc are, I have no idea whats inside a console, I just know how t use it. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing some games on the PC, but there are complications.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AshleyCoggan Ashley Michael David Coggan

    This is probably the worst article I’ve ever read. PC’s are a must have and
    your console games are made as well as tested on a PC. Without PCs, you
    wouldn’t have games or developers like Mojang (Notch – Minecraft) or Valve. Not
    to mention, multiplayer wouldn’t exist either, that means no Xbox LIVE or PSN.

    PC eSports is one of the fastest and most competitive industries in gaming,
    do you even know what Dreamhack is?

    Console gaming is for casuals, PC gaming is for gamers.

    1. Poor Ports – Yeah, we get poor ports because greedy developers like EA and
    Ubisoft focus solely on console gaming because its an easy market for them.
    You’re all like minded idiots that say “Oh WOAHH LOOK AT THOSE GRAPHICS..
    IT LOOKS SO REAL”. When nothing has actually changed.

    2. Piracy – As you said, piracy happens on all platforms, it’s more accessible
    on a PC, sure but you can’t say that as a reason. Not all PC gamers pirate, the
    majority that pirate are people in Russia and other countries where
    money is an issue.

    3. DRM – Do you think Xbox Live and PSN isn’t DRM? When you buy a game, once
    you get banned or lose that account, What do you think happens?

    4. Controls aren’t easy? do you think picking up a pad for the first time was
    easy? no, you was a noob and it’s the same for anyone. Saying that controls are
    an issue and is a reason why “PC gaming is the worst platform to game
    on” is absolutely abysmal and stupid. Mice are more sensitive and
    accurate, keyboards have a much faster response time than consoles.

    5. Computers are a pain in the arse? – Let me guess here.. you probably own a Mac,
    you probably like Starbucks and you’re probably American. How can this be used
    as a reason? are you serious? Because you don’t have the brains to learn how to
    fix a small computer problem and allow yourself to be ripped off by people at a
    computer repair shop.. you shouldn’t tie all people in with your stupidity.
    Consoles break down? pay to get them fixed? exactly.

    Seriously though, this is probably one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever
    read on the net. I really hope you take your head out of your anus one day


    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      i think you have gotten the complete wrong end of the stick here mate. For starter, I’m British, English to be specific.

      I don’t own a Mac, or any other Apple product to honest. I’ve never been to a Starbucks, and I’m far from stupid.

      My points are made to make people aware of how difficult it is for people to get into PC gaming. Would you expect somebody to know the ins and outs of an xbox or a playstation? No, they just no how to use it, why should the PC be any different?

      I think you need to re read the article, and then try and post a comment that isn’t created with the sole purpose of being a very long insult.

      • http://www.facebook.com/AshleyCoggan Ashley Michael David Coggan

        Fair enough of the American, Mac and Starbucks comments but at the end of the day, this article is quite ridiculous. It’s not hard to get into PC gaming, I did it when I was 12 years old and I’m 21 now. I know quite a few people that started PC gaming below the age of 10.. that was in the 90s but thats not the point.. I’m sure people still do it.

        You can’t say the PC is a bad platform because you don’t like it and don’t understand it. Also, whats wrong with knowledge? I know all the parts inside of a PS3 and Xbox 360, I also know how awful they are and how underpowered consoles are.

        • ChrisTheGamesCabin

          I’m not saying the PC is crap, far from it, this article is just one side of the coin. I implore you to go and read the follow up article. The point of this article is just to point out how difficult it is to get into PC gaming, and there’s no doubt it is.

    • knockon

      geez butt hurt enough…

      • http://www.facebook.com/AshleyCoggan Ashley Michael David Coggan

        Not butt hurt, pointing out facts.

  • http://twitter.com/Gamingaddict88 DrunkwitPowah

    not easy to game with a K/M? I just purchased what they call eagle eye box thingy so that I can game on PS3 with a K/M. It’s far superior to that pos controller.

  • Grim

    Here my 5 reasons why this article is a bit off :

    1. PC games are in for the long haul. There are still old PC games still being sold as we speak. So bad ports are not that detrimental since a lot of the problems will be patched and PC gamers are known to be patient. The Arma series, Swords of the Stars 2, The Witcher were horrible from launch and yet its fans waited for it to improve and the studio still supported them while making new games. Yes those are PC exclusives but the same principle can be applied to ports…if only most of the developers have the dedication to. Console games…you have to pay again for the same game for next gen due to incompatibilities. PC can still play games from 2000 while console gamers need to buy the HD re-releases. If you say the HD versions justify the purchases of old console games that that negates the “great graphic isn’t important” crap that they kept chanting.

    2. True and false. True piracy is higher on the PC but developers and publishers have stopped using that dead horse of a reason thanks to F2Ps. You don’t need a high end PC to play most of the F2Ps out there and since PC gamers are extremely patient, patching and updates can be done as much as they like. Bethesda is still unable to Skyrim’s DLCs to work on the PS3 but I bet you that they won’t have much trouble for the Elder Scrolls Online. As for 10 year olds unable to mod their consoles…they could always send that console to where they bought it for updates, you know.

    3. DRM is a balancing act. Ubisoft and EA (with Spore) failed at but Valve dominated everybody else with Steam. Yes, its’ basically a DRM but it offered more than that to make up for its hidden purpose. If you look carefully the X box and PS3 are essentially physical DRMs. MS once tried to enforce a DRM-like chip with Intel for Pentium 5 with Windows XP support but the plan failed thanks to anti-trust laws. No one complained about the consoles’ DRM features since they offered more-something Steam had done for years. AC 2 have a horrible DRM- everybody knew about that and like me, most boycotted Ubisoft products for two years. Besides always online DRMs are going to be a big part of next gen consoles if the rumours are to be believed.

    4. That’s impossible. You a web site with articles on it that you need a keyboard and a mouse to manage. And you’re saying you can’t move or aim with KBM? I have an X box 360 controller next to PC just in case I need it but the KBM is my primary control. I used to hate the controller but I learned to use it so why don’t you learn to use the KBM? Of course the controller is still my second choice because I don’t like how restrictive it’s customization is in a lot of games. Sometimes they just gave you a fixed set of schemes that they assume might be perfect for you but truthfully I would rather remap the keys according to my gaming styles.

    5. This one is a pickle but thanks to ports and multiplatform development it’s not that hard anymore. A lot of games are extremely optimized for a lot of system out there. There’s a lot of graphic cards out there but there is something they introduced just a couple of years before current consoles came out – unified drivers. It’s the software version of the console simplification method you yearned. Before that you really have to choose a driver specifically for you type of card. Now you just have to download only one from the manufacturers’ sites. It made patches easier and faster to be implemented.

  • cmoyano

    it isnt difficult to start pc gaming and it is much much more enjoyable in the long run. mods, options, better graphics and even if the games are ports 99 percent of the time they still play, look, sound better than their console counterparts.

    if you cant accept that the community will fix them, you should not play pc on the first part and stick to your comfy couch.

    Your strawman argument of piracy is no offense, retarded. Do things well and your game will sell. While sales are not as good, pc gaming still creates a profit for developers. 70 percent go to them using steamworks with free patch and update support. They get more money back than they do at retail with consoles, so 2 million pc is equal to 4 million on consoles.

    Skyrim, witcher 2, Diablo 3, starcraft, indie games, metro 2033 all disagree with you when you say piracy is a reason pc gaming sucks.

    Controls? much better and more responsive on pc, you cant use mouse and keyboard? we have plenty of options. From pads to pedals, make your choice.

    I am sorry, but if you are trying to tell people PC gaming is not liable, thats one thing, but all you are trying to do here is bash pc gaming and make it sound like the worse experience ever, when in fact, it is by far and stats have proven this, the best experience.

    More people are migrating to pc than the other way around.

    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      Mate, this is just one side of the coin, read the follow up article on my the pc is also the best to play on. You’ll see that I’m unbiased and I’m just trying t give a perspective from both sides.