a boy and his blob

A Boy and His Blob Release Date and Download Size Revealed for Xbox One and Possibly PS4, PS Vita, PC

Who doesn’t love a cute, adorable, and fun pairing in video games? The latest such match-up is A Boy and His Blob which stars, would you imagine, a boy and his blob. A very to-the-point title. Nice.

The game originally released back in 2009 for the Wii but will be getting a second wind of life on the PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, and PC. The game was rated in October of last year for the aforementioned platforms but we’d yet to see a release date for the cutesy little platformer. That changes today as the Xbox One game page for A Boy and His Blob has gone live, revealing in the process that it’s a considerably small download and that we’ll see it within a few short weeks. Splendid.

The game’s Xbox Store listing notes a January 20th release date as well as 2.19GB download. Bear in mind that this is for the Xbox One release, so the date and download size may vary across the other platforms.