amazon fire tv gaming edition

Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition Coming October 5th, Includes Two Free Games and Access to Over 800 More

Online retailer Amazon has announced a new version of its Fire TV: the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition.

The new and improved model comes packed with a wireless controller, a 32GB SD card to store games and other media on and the unit itself along with the required power adapter.

The gaming edition of the Fire TV also comes with two freebies included. You’ll be able to download and play Ducktales: Remastered and the critically acclaimed Shovel Knight from the go. For those looking for more mainstream gaming there are over 800 more titles to choose from, though the selection of big-budget titles is a little limited. There’s GTA: San Andreas, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and few other big names – but don’t expect to be playing the likes of Project Cars, Star Wars Battlefront of Battlefield anytime soon.

For a small device, it’s actually got a lot going on under its chassis. There’s a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a Power VR GX6250 GPU. It’s particularly impressive considering the price of the unit – $139.99.

Gaming isn’t its only function, though, as you’re still able to do all the other things that the regular Fire TV can do. Netflix, YouTube and a ton of other entertainment apps will be available from day one, so you’ll probably find something to do when you can’t be arsed with playing.

The Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition will release on October 5th in North America. You can pre-order your unit here.