Bioshock Collection Coming to Xbox One and PS4

According to a South African retailer we’ll all be getting our hands on the Bioshock series again, but this time on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, respectively.

South African outlet has listed The Bioshock Collection for both next-gen consoles and has attached a November 27th release date to the supposed bundle. This release date may or may not be true, however.

Whether this turns out to be true or not remains to be seen, but this retailer does have a history for leaking things ahead of time, so we’re just going to assume this one is real, too.

There’s no official word yet on which games will be included, but we’d be very surprised if it wasn’t the entire package of all three games, you know, because it’s called the collection and all that.

In the mean time we’ll be reaching out to publisher 2K Games, so we’ll let you know if anything else further develops.

Would you be up for dipping into another remaster? Or have you had it up to the ears with remasters and re-releases? Let us know down in the comments section below.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    I wouldn’t mind playing again in a remaster. Besides graphics, they gotta make some minor game play changes and other stuff and I’ll be all set. Plus I never got to play DLC, especially Burial at Sea, so I can’t wait to play again. Don’t think I’ll do a second run of 1999 mode though, once was enough.

    • AndrewLB

      Don’t expect a remaster or any changes. Irrational Games no longer exists.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        Dude I read it in the newspaper when I found out you don’t have to tell me that. Perhaps 2K will manage to get Ken Levine’s advice and do something from there.

  • PachterStation

    The first Bioshock was awesome on the Xbox 360. But the sequel was more of the same. Not played Infinite yet, but I don’t think I’d be interested in playing this. This gen needs more new games, not remakes.

    • J GOOD

      More new games… Like Bloodborne, Sunset Overdrive, MGSV, Forza 6, Fallout 4, Halo 5, Horizon, Scalebound, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Recore, Quantum Break, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 3, Battlefront 3, etc.? Just be patient. The last year and the next year are amazing for gamers.

      • dapaintrain

        You only mentioned two new titles the rest are sequels that remain faithful to the originals

        • J GOOD

          Two new titles? I mentioned 7 games that are in no way direct sequels to anything. Bloodborne, Sunset Overdrive, Horizon, Scalebound, Recore, Quantum Break, and The Last Guardian. But since he was talking about remakes as in remasters to previously made games (its an article about remasters) every game I listed qualifies.

          The only 2 that could almost be considered sequels out of those 7 are Bloodborne and The Last Guardian. But they are completely different universes with different gameplay and started a brand new series.

          If you want more completely new IP’s that have been made and are coming there is Ori and the Blind Forest, No Man’s Sky, Sea of Thieves, let it die, Until Dawn, Mad Max, Smite, and Inside.

  • Aaron Owens

    very exciting news to me. i have been hoping for this to come to ps4 for a while. i would honestly love to see a complete remake of the original bioshock at some point too. it would be amazing to see it running on the unreal engine 4 or cryengine 3. i loved this series. bioshock infinite was an awsome game as well. i really hope this turns out to be true. i dont mind that they release remasters. they have done it a few times, but never with games that i wouldnt want to play again with better updated graphics. the last of us remaster was wonderful, i loved the master chief collection on xbox one as well, and i look forward to being able to play the uncharted series again on PS4. they have only been remastering games that deserve to be remastered, and thats fine by me. i would love to see killzone 2 and 3 get remastered as well but im not sure that is going to happen. there are certain games that i would love to go back to with updated visuals.

  • IamTylerDurden1

    I’m all in.

  • Brian O’Blivion

    I was casually sipping my wake-up coffee, scanning the day’s gaming news and when I saw this headline, my eyes unconsciously snapped wide, my heart started racing and I spilled some coffee into my lap. I guess I’m ready and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a jolt of caffeine.

    • Æmæth Rex

      You’re avatar is more deserving of a collection IMO.

      • Brian O’Blivion

        I would love to see that too.

        My wishlist includes the Killzones, Mass Effects, the first four Silent Hills, the underrated Suffering and Getaway games, but mostly, I would love to see the brilliant Fallout 3 be unfettered by the limitations of it’s game engine. There were so many opportunities for directions the dialogues and stories could have expanded into.

    • Chris Harding

      Then I am both happy and sorry; happy to help you wake up and get some good news, sorry for indirectly burning your crotch. Hope it’s OK and still functional.

  • Ana Helušić


  • dapaintrain

    I can’t see infinite being any better then the pc version it was a good game I think the last gen console held it back significantly.

    However that being said by this far into the last gen we already received bioshock one we havnt seen anything like that yet