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Feature: Top 5 X-Men Games

X-Men: Days of Future Past hit cinemas in the last week, raking in the money and garnering great reviews here’s mine. Surprisingly, for a film this big with a massive hype machine behind it, there was no official videogame to try and part us from our hard-earned cash. So, if you’re in the need for a game to give you your mutant fix, we’ve got a top 5 to sort you out. The only rule is the game needs to have X-Men in the title, so Marvel Vs Capcom 2 is out, but our number five should make up for that…

X-Men Vs Street Fighter

The first official entry into the ‘Vs’ series (although its predecessor, X-Men: Children of the Atom, is Capcom’s first fighting game using Marvel characters) pits the Cyclops, Wolverine and co. against Street Fighter favourites like Zangief and Kylie Minogue (I mean, Cammy) because of… something to do with Apocalypse. The genesis of the legendary Vs games can be seen here, with colourful and crazy combat and tight controls. The tag mechanic was introduced here, allowing you to take two characters into battle for double the fun.


That is, on the arcade version anyway. The PSone port suffers from poor loading times, missing frames and the tag feature. If you can find the original arcade version somewhere, or have a way we’re not going to tell you to play the Japanese only Saturn port, then you are going to have a blast with this one. Or just play Marvel Vs Capcom. Or X-Men: Mutant Academy. Actually don’t do the last one, it was pretty lame.

X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

Before the rivalries of iOS vs Android, Xbox vs PlayStation and Pokemon vs Digimon there was the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive if you live outside America). Each system has a competing side scrolling action platformer based on the merry Mutants and fans continue to debate which one was better.


Personally, I’ve already preferred the SNES and Mutant Apocalypse is part of that reason. Each of the five characters had their own mission to follow through as part of a bigger plan to sort out the problems in Genosha caused by Apocalypse. Except… Magneto is actually the final boss. I guess being called Mutant Mangeto doesn’t have that ring to it…

X- Men Arcade

Probably the most famous X-Men title out there, this game is all sorts of cheesy goodness. We were blessed by the game gods at Konami for giving us “Magneto, Master of Magnet” and “The White Queen welcomes you to die” in all their hammy glory. Of course, the game is (correctly) fondly remembered for its gameplay too. A recurring theme of this list is about the X-Men beating people up and for good reason: I can’t imagine a Farmville type game where Storm waters the plants and Wolverine trims the hedges would do very well.


Like the classic Turtles in Time, X-Men Arcade is about going from screen to screen clearing all your enemies out of the way with just your trusty jump and attack buttons, with the occasional (and costly) mutant power thrown in for good measure. The nineties were built on these kinds of games and X-Men is one of the standouts. The HD port for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade is well worth picking up, with drop in/out online and local multiplayer carnage. Avoid the smartphone version however, whilst it costs pennies, its tough to control and takes all the fun out of the most fun X-Men game.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Isn’t it ironic the worst X film by a mile gets the best movie tie-in by a mile? X2: Wolverine’s Revenge wasn’t bad, laying the foundations for this triumph by focusing just on the one character. Origins takes liberally (pinches everything) from God of War and to its credit, does it very, very well. This game is amusing gory, especially with the real-time healing factor system in which your skin patches itself up after being shot, sliced or burnt off. Wolverine may be a tragic character with a horrific past, but playing this game, you understand just how cool it is to cut people up with adamantium claws. Swings and roundabouts.7


So, this game loosely follows the dreadful movie plot (which means Hugh Jackman – woo!- and -boo!- on voice duties) but throws a lot of other characters from the comics at you for good fanservice. The classic unlockable costumes are a plus too, its nice to see the movie franchise include easter eggs that link to the comics. This isn’t up there with the first two Arkham games when it comes to revolutionary solo-superhero games, but it is mighty satisfying to play through.

So, if Arcade nails the unbridled fun, and Origins gets the franchise’s most iconic character down to a T, what can top them to take the number one spot? It has to be something legendary…

X-Men Legends

It was pretty difficult choosing between this and the sequel, Rise of Apocalypse, but a few things swing it in the direction of the original. You get more characters to play in number two, but they took out my favourites, Emma Frost and Psylocke. The sequel has a lot more generic, repetitive environments, and the music is equally so. The original also has a much sleeker menu design, with a nice shade of blue and a pleasing font compared to the harsh red menus and EVERYTHING IN CAPS of the sequel. It’s a little thing, but it counts. If you’re looking for a good multiplayer experience, you should go with Rise of Apocalypse, because the hub sections are much shorter and there are no one player segments, meaning you aren’t far from jumping into action with your friends.


However, this is the main reason why I prefer the original over the second and every other X-Men game. You see, the story of X-Men Legends follows a young girl named Alison who discovers her mutant powers and gets thrown into the conflict between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, joining Xavier’s School for the Gifted and the superhero team as things progress. In-between missions you spend a lot of downtime in the mansion just… talking to the other X-Men and pupils. And I love that. Magma is a great audience perspective character and its fascinating to see her reactions to everything around her (it helps she’s voiced by the always excellent Cree Summer). Just being able to hang with the X-Men during down-time from world saving gives you a level of immersion into the world of these Mutant heroes not seen in any game before or since. The combat is fun but perhaps not quite as good as X-Men Arcade, and the action isn’t presented as cinematic or as well as Wolverine, but for bringing you into the world of Charles Xavier and his pupils, you can’t top this PS2/Xbox/Gamecube classic.

If you like what you’ve read and want even more of my ramblings about the X-Men, you can read my spirited defence of X-Men 3: The Last Stand right here. If you have a Top 5 to suggest, or agree/disagree with this list. Post in the comments below.

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Feature: Microsoft Removes Kinect From Xbox One: Just What Does It Mean?

Never say never. Ever since the announcement of the Xbox One, Microsoft have been insistent that Kinect is a crucial part of the consoles infrastructure and philosophy, to the point of bundling it with every system and not having the console work without it. Over half a year after launch and Microsoft are reversing that necessity with a new, Kinect-less model launching in June for the same price as a PlayStation 4. But why have Microsoft chosen to do this, and why now? And what does this mean for consumers and developers?

This is the second major time in the last year or so where Microsoft has done a U-turn regarding Xbox One features: last year the company announced they weren’t going ahead with the planned always online, 24-hour DRM checkup system – to the rejoice of many. Now the Kinect opponents probably feel their complaining has given them another victory; that the online cries of ‘Kinect is rubbish and pointless’ have been heard and listened to. But it’s more than that.

The restrictions announced on the Xbox One originally didn’t just get gamers writing thinkpieces (or angry comments) on the internet. The larger media was spreading the word about the heavy DRM in a world where even Apple allows you to do what you want with your purchases, consumers losing their basic rights, the end of physical gaming software and therefore brick-and-mortar game shops and of course the paranoia that Microsoft spying on us. This kind of negativity wasn’t just going to exist in the background for Microsoft, it was threatening to badly hurt their public image, and more importantly – sales.

The ‘s’ word is the reasoning behind their latest decision. It’s been roughly since months since the two heavyweights of this console generation launched (sorry, Wii U) and its clear for all to see that Sony is taking the lead. Despite the very well-received Microsoft exclusive Titanfall, the PlayStation 4 is cheaper, doesn’t come with a camera a lot of people don’t want to use (which makes it cheaper), big name games achieve the superior 1080p visual output on PS4 and Sony are riding a lot of goodwill at the moment. Microsoft thinks it can kill all the birds with one stone. Cut Kinect, make the console cheaper, free up the dedicated power to go towards graphics and ride the wave of “look at us giving you what you want” (or more, “look at no longer giving you what you don’t want” in some people’s eyes).

Will this work? Who knows. For consumers we now get more choice, we can now choose to have our Xbox with or without the Kinect camera. With the consoles at the same prices the decision to get a PS4 may not be so black and white. But perhaps that’s more of a problem than good. The Xbox One was built around Kinect and, like it or not, that was one of its big selling points. The whole user interface was built around face/gesture recognition and voice commands and as such, works very well and gives the Xbox something different the PlayStation hasn’t got.

Whilst Kinect on 360 got a bad rep for poor licensed games such as Star Wars Kinect and DragonBall Z for Kinect being lazy, boring tie-ins with unresponsive controls, being a mandatory (and much more powerful) part and parcel of the Xbox One made developers take it more seriously. Just as Kinect set the Xbox One apart from its main competitor, Kinect features on the Xbox One versions of games could make those versions the superior ones to get if Kinect carried on being mandatory. Now it’s optional for consumers, developers are likely going to implement Kinect features less and less.

The reason many people hate Kinect, in one neat little gif.

But what about games already in development that heavily feature Kinect? The developers of Zumba Fitness echo the statements written above about matching the price point of the PS4, but losing the uniqueness of the Xbox One in the process. The studio admitted they feel they have had the “the rug pulled from beneath” in regards to sales opportunities.  Furthermore, if Microsoft releases a patch that allows exisiting Xbox One models bundled with Kinect to operate without the camera, that could see a lot of people selling off or packing up the accessory. That would further reduce the percentage of Xbox One users with Kinect, a number that from last November until the upcoming June, stood at one hundred. How far will that number drop? And will the sales climb high enough to make sacrificing one of the consoles main features worth it? We’ll find out in due time.

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News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Arrives 25th October, Boss Fights Fixed!

Deus Ex HR directors cut bannerBack in 2011 the critically acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released. Prequel to 2001′s acclaimed stealth action game, Deus Ex. Developed by Eidos Montreal, it was the only game that really made it’s publisher Square Enix any profit that year. The game received many 9 out of 10s from high profile publications and aggregated a meta-critic score of 89% on console and 90% on PC.

The game was not without its flaws however. The most widespread complaint and critical flaw of the game was its boss fights. The gameplay of Deus Ex is designed to give total freedom to the player, allowing them to approach their goal in a variety of ways. i.e. to use stealth to get around guards, to use non-lethal or lethal force, use unlocked abilities to instantly clear a room, or use hacking to turn the enemies turrets against them.

However, Deus Ex: HR’s boss fights were out-sourced to an outside company. A company which had no idea of what Deus Ex’s gameplay was like and only specialised in shooters. As a result the boss fights were jarring. Forcing you to do little else but combat, breaking the flow of an otherwise perfect game. Not just the boss fights were broken though. I still remember the upgrade system had an unlock that did absolutely nothing because they’d forgotten to program it in.

Deus Ex HR Directors cut Wii U screenshot

Two years later, Eidos Montreal want to fix all its short coming. Boss fights, upgrade tree, graphics enhancements, etc. and as a bonus, the DLCs will be included.

Tongs’s Rescue mission and the entire Missing Link chapter have been integrated seamlessly into the narrative flow of the Director’s Cut. Other core Deus Ex: Human Revolution augmentations include overhauled boss fights, refined game balance and combat, improved A.I., over 8 hours of developer commentary, and striking visual improvements which make this edition the best looking and most immersive Deus Ex experience available.”

deus ex directors cut wii u gamepad

As this game is releasing on Wii U, new features that use the GamePad have been added. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Wii U, these features have also been ported to other platforms.

The Wii U™ GamePad, Microsoft’s SmartGlass, and the PlayStation Vita provide the ultimate experience with 11 new Neural Hub features, including touchscreen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping, smart vision plus, throwback explosives, inventory and augmentation management, and the possibility to play the entire game on the GamePad screen.

PC gamers with the original Steam version can upgrade their copies for a cut down price. No word on international prices yet, but Americans can upgrade for $10. If you already own the Missing Link DLC it is $5.

It’s already out in North America for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U. It will be available in Europe on the 25th October. Mac version soon to follow.


Feature: 4 Ways To Tell You’re Playing Too Much Of One Game

awesomenautsLately, I’ve become obsessed with Awesomenauts. From the moment I wake up to the second I go to sleep, Awesomenauts occupies some space in my brain. It’s gotten bad, really bad. I’ve clocked in over 170 hours since purchasing the MOBA on Steam a few weeks ago. 170 hours. That’s over a week of my life. An entire week spent sitting in front of a laptop, curtains closed, phone off the hook and the door locked. It’s only now that I’ve realised I’m playing this game too damn much.

Below are the symptoms that I personally identified. I think it’s in the interest of every gamer and their family and friends (or associates, some gamers don’t like the attachment of friends,) that you check out the below list and take the appropriate measures.

1. You dream that you’re playing.

You know when you’ve had a really good day? Whether it’s a football match you played a part in and scored the winning goal, or your first date with a lovely lady/gent, you just want to relive it over and over again. So you get into bed on the night of what has been a terrifically brilliant day and you close your eyes, maybe give your pillow a cuddle and start to picture those glorious moments in your mind’s eye as you drift off to sleep.

For me, it’s Awesomenauts. Even on the rare days that I go without having at least one online battle, I’ll still fall asleep thinking about it. It gets worse. I’ll actually dream that I’m playing it. You know those dreams where you sort of know what’s going on? They’re the type of dreams that Awesomenauts induces. I’ll be actively playing the game, the opponents even take the names of people who I regularly play against on Steam. Sometimes I lose, sometimes I win, sometimes I even rage-quit, just like in real life.

If you get to the point, no matter what game it is by the way, that you’re actively playing the game in your dreams and losing, you need to give it a break. To lose in real life is disappointing, but to lose in your own bloody dream? I’m replacing the placard on my desk with Mr. Pathetic…

2. Friends don’t matter, neither does anybody else.

It may come as a surprise, but I actually have friends as well as a long-term girlfriend (and as a result of that, a severe drinking problem.)

Most people can tear themselves away from the screen for a few seconds to acknowledge somebody walking into a room, saying hello, or even throwing a cup at your head. Not me. Not when Lonestar’s victory tune is fired up and blaring as I smash my enemies into a wall with my holo-bull. Seriously, my girlfriend came into the living room the other day and tried to speak to me (so she claims…) but apparently I just ignored her as I was playing. She poked me with a pen (again, I can’t be sure, I was in the zone, man!) and in the end she got fed up and decided to throw my coffee mug at the back of my head. I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t even realise she was in the room. I was glued to the screen and nothing was going to tear my away from my 6th straight victory.

My advice: if people can physically abuse you and get away with it because you’re distracted by a game, just be careful who’s in the vicinity…

3. Buying DLC you won’t even use.

I hate DLC. With a passion. You only have to say the words “download” and “content” within the same hour and I turn a shade of purple. It’s the biggest rip-off in gaming and has done nothing but aggravate players with day-one DLC and on-disc DLC.

That said, I’ve bought every single piece of download content for Awesomenauts, and they’re only character skins. The worst part? I’ve only ever used 2 different skins out of the 10 or more I’ve bought. I don’t know why I need them, I just saw they were available and wanted them. You know how a crack-addict sees crack and wants it? I’m just like that, it’s that simple.

If you find yourself buying character skins, coloured guns or some fancy avatar crap that you won’t even use, take a break. Walk to the kitchen, make yourself a sandwich and then sit on the john for a bit. Reflect on your purchases and realise that for the cost of five new character costumes you could have bought yourself a used game on eBay.

4. Swearing like a motherf”%^&r!

I’m pretty level-headed when it comes to games, and life in general. I once went 2-26 in a game of Domination on Black Ops 2, I laughed it off and played again. I once got hit by a car on the way to work, I laughed it off and crawled to work. My point is, I’m not an angry person. I’m the guy at the party that won’t be doing the weed because he’s high on life (or a secret stash of something else, whatever.) However, put me in a game of Awesomenauts where my team-mates are complete and utter moose crap, I go ape poop. Add in some “cheap” tactics being employed by the other team who are levelling up off of my team-mates seemingly lack of brain-power and I’ve entered rage mode.

It’s bad. Really bad. Awesomenauts doesn’t let you voice chat, but it does allow typing messages so everyone in the game can see. I’m more than ashamed to admit that I’ve gotten way too pissed at the dubious goings on that I’ve dished out some pretty vile insults. I’ve threatened to find where they offending players live, take their keyboards and shove them so far up their arse that when they speak they’ll be typing the same crap they spew. That’s not even the worst. Mothers have been involved. Theirs. Mine. Their mother’s mother, my mother’s mother, maybe even your mother’s mother. I’m not proud (although sometimes I do chuckle at my ingenuity, I really do have a way with words when I’m up for it,) and it’s for this reason and the prior three that I’m retiring from Awesomenauts.

If you’ve experienced any of the above symptoms, I highly suggest that you seek out the root of the problem, remove the offending game from your collection and learn to imagine that words can be pictures. In other words, read a nice book.

On that note, I’m going to start with Harry Potter for some light reading. Or maybe just one more game of Awesomenauts

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Interview: Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta

Unearthed-Trail-of-Ibn-BattutaUnearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is an upcoming action/adventure title from Semaphore games and marks a big step in major game development in the Middle East.

Today Ahmad Jadhalla, the writer and director of the upcoming game took some time to speak to us about Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta.

How did Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta come to be?

Unearthed for us in the region is a dream 30 years in the making. There has never been a locally developed story driven console or even multiplatform game from this region before. We want to kickstart the game development industry in the Middle East by presenting it as an economically viable sector while at the same time provide a non-stereotypical portrayal of the region that gives a different angle than what you are used to. So even though we based our game around a famous Medieval Muslim traveller named (Ibn Battuta) the game is set in modern day and in it you unravel a mystery surrounding this historical figure in a journey across the whole Middle East tracing his footsteps.


Obviously people are going to compare Unearthed to Uncharted, what makes Unearthed stand out amongst the crowd of third-person shooters?

That it is mainly not a third person shooter, it is an adventure game first but it has a lot of action elements including shooting, fighting, stealth, driving and agility and climbing. This is a genre that currently only has Tomb Raider and Uncharted as the players and we selected to be in it as opposed to make yet another first person shooter. Of course, if you are making a treasure hunting game set in modern day then it is very hard to make it not look like those two games, in the same way that the Mummy movie series is not that much different from Indiana Jones for example.

We differentiate Unearthed by making it presented in a TV style episodic format, be on many platforms that the two other games are not on (PC/Mac/Ios/Android/PS3 and more to be announced soon) and presenting a unique gameplay mechanic/twist that will show up in episode 2. Don’t get me wrong, we are die hard fans of both Tomb Raider and Uncharted and we consider developing Unearthed to be the ultimate form of “Fanboyism” where you take a game you love and then use the framework established in it to tell your own story while paying homage to the original.

How long has Unearthed been in development for and has it been a difficult experience?

Unearthed has been in development for three years now, of course a lot of that is researching the story, the technology and how to tackle bringing the game to over 10 platforms with very different levels of power and different control schemes and yet keep the game experience consistent in all of them. So as you can imagine it was very challenging but I think now that we managed to finish it that we have a lot of real world experience, not just for the development side of it but also about how to work with the global media outlets, the fans, the positive and negative criticism.

Unearthed will be supporting PlayStation Move on the PlayStation 3, how will that work?

The PlayStation Move controller (which is optional) will be controlling the camera in the game while the Navigation Controller or Dualshock 3 controller will be used for the movement. This makes tasks like aiming a lot of fun and you can of course tweak the sensitivity of X and Y axis to your preference.

Do you have any plans to bring Unearthed to the PS Vita?

Yes, maybe not immediately but it is in the pipeline. Also, there is one other super exciting platform which we will announce soon ;)

It may be a little early to ask, but will there be more adventures featuring Faris Jawad in the future?

We are already working on the second episode of Unearthed and that is shaping up quite nicely to be a MAJOR upgrade in all aspects from episode 1 (Graphics, Animation, and Gameplay Elements). In addition, we are developing a Prequel “Interactive Novel” for mobile and tablets titled (Unearthed: Arabian Sword) which focuses on Dania (Faris Archeologist Sister) and it provides a different perspective on her character and personality. (Unearthed: Arabian Sword) will be a cross-over between novels, comic books and games with more emphasis on puzzles and story.

Check out the trailer for Episode one below:

Episode 1 of Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is set to release digitally on May 29th for the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 for the sum of $9.99 as well as iOS and Android devices for the lower price of $4.99, with more platforms to be announced.

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Opinion: PS Vita Needs AAA’s, Not Indies

ps-vita-206-updateThe PS Vita hasn’t had the best start in life, but it’s getting there. Sort of.

In recent months the powerful handheld has become a haven for smaller developers and independent game makers looking to get their games out on the best possible device for a reasonable price; hence the influx of indie games.

There’s nothing wrong with indie games in general, the majority that have released on the PS Vita have been of excellent quality. Just look back at Guacamelee!, Thomas Was Alone and Retro City Rampage, all have seen varying degrees of success on Sony’s latest entry into the increasingly competitive handheld market.

Sony has emphasised that they will be supporting indie games, free-to-play titles and your regular games for the PS Vita as well as the upcoming PlayStation 4, but is it being overdone?

I’m in no way against indie games, one of my favourite games for the Vita is currently sitting on pause and waiting for me to jump back in, that game is Guacamelee!, an indie game.

There’s definitely a place for indie games on the Vita, but the selling point for the device was Sony’s promise of home-gaming on the go. The Vita isn’t as strong as the PlayStation 3, but we know it’s more than capable of putting out some top quality titles that would have been heaped with praise if they had released on the PlayStation 3 at launch.

I’ve spoken to quite a few people about the matter (I like to do a bit of real research every now and again,) and the vast majority are happy with indie games being pushed hard on the PS Vita, but they also said that they would prefer more AAA experiences akin to Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.

Basically, indie games fill a hole when there’s nothing much going on, but ultimately gamers want fuller, richer experiences to sit along their very expensive device. Some have spoken out and claimed the PS Vita is nothing more than a fancy emulator or a portable PlayStation 2 with HD capabilities. Of course the PS Vita isn’t just a fancy emulator, but if the focus is geared toward more indie games rather than big-budget thrills, I know a few who will be very disappointed in their investment, myself included.

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What do you think? More indies, or more big-name games? Do you think Sony is taking the easy option by supporting independents rather than splashing the cash and getting the big names on board? Share your thoughts down in the comment section below, we’d love to know what more people think on the matter.

Feature: Call of Duty Announcement May 1st: Our Predictions

Call-of-Duty-ghostsYesterday UK retailer Tesco leaked the box art for Call of Duty: Ghosts, pretty much confirming that the next entry in the very long running series will indeed be Call of Duty: Ghosts. 

We’ve previously heard from Activision that “all will be revealed” on May 1st, but what exactly will it be? Well, I spent twenty minutes in the bath last night, the perfect place to relax and think about stuff that will in no shape or form make any difference to my life, or yours. I started wondering what would be revealed. Would it just be the name? Maybe a short trailer? Or maybe some gameplay? Multiplayer details? The ability to order a Subway sandwich from within the game? 

First off, I’m pretty sure they’ll want to show off a trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, so that’s my first prediction. Secondly, we’ll find out what platforms it’s coming to, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC are a given, but will it be released on the next-gen consoles? The PlayStation 4 and Next-Xbox are supposedly set to release around the same time, so why wouldn’t Activision want to try and grab some cash from the new crowd? 

Then there’s the PS Vita. Last years Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified was a disrespect to gamers, consumers and our intelligence,  not to mention a studio also got screwed over in the process. In all fairness to Nihilistic, the team who developed the game, they had limited time and resources and were under pressure to put out a game within a time frame that suited Activision and Sony. 

Last week a listing for Call of Duty 2013for the PS Vita appeared on ZMArt, hinting that another Call of Duty would be getting released on the Vita. We also know that Neversoft are working on Call of Duty, but without their logo plastered on the box art for Call of Duty: Ghosts, I reckon they’re working on a port for the PS Vita.

This may seem like the height of optimism, but I reckon we’ll see Call of Duty: Ghosts ported in full, albeit with a few graphical adjustments, to the PS Vita. Before Nihilistic were working on Black Ops Declassified, Vicarious Visions were supposedly working on a full port of Black Ops 2 for the PS Vita, but for whatever reason it got scrapped and passed on to the now defunct Nihilistic. 

Next, the Nintendo DS and 3DS. The DS has played host to a whole load of Call of Duty games over the years whilst the PSP sat in the sidelines with it’s sad face on. Maybe this year the 3DS will get a decent version that utilises the optional additional analogue stick, or maybe not. There’s a good chance we’ll see a spin off of sorts for the DS, but a 3DS version is looking unlikely, though it would be welcomed.

Lastly, Call of Duty Elite. The service that tracks your progress and acts a social hub for the online homicidal, bazooka wielding fans of the series. I’m probably jumping the gun, but I think we’ll see a few changes to the service. Maybe deeper integration within the game, more connectivity with Facebook, Twitter and whatever else people use to spy on their ex’s these days. Maybe even some new paid features, though that would obviously be bad for us, we want it all for free! (No, I’m not “entitled” I just love a good bargain, or better yet, a freebie!)

So there you have it, whether any of this comes true or not, it won’t affect our lives, it’s just a bit of fun. We’ll find out on May 1st if I’m a delusional idiot or a man sent back from the future to save mankind from needless gossip and rumours. 

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What do you think we’ll see? What do you want to see? What do you never want to see? Do you see what I’m doing here? See?

News: Arkham Origins: The Joker As A Villain?!

batman-arkham-origins-gameWelcome! To the Madhouse Batman!” – The Joker, Arkham Asylum.

As I predicted in my first ever article for The Games Cabin, the Joker is rumoured to be featured in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins.

A photo released for CVG has shown that the Joker will be featured within the game.
The Joker, however, will not be voiced by fan favourite Mark Hamill as he’s retired for the game series and as the voice of everybody’s favourite Clown Prince of Gotham.

The photo also shows Scarecrow, Bane, Killer Croc and Deathstroke. No-one knows whether these villains will feature as the 8 assassins hired to kill Batman however we can assume they will have a significant role within the story.arkham-origins-villain-720x449

Now all I need to do is prove that my hypothesis of Joker’s “Red Hood” back-story featured in the graphic novel “The Killing Joke” is how the Joker will be featured in Arkham Origins.

Only time will tell.

Now my Question for you all is; What villains would you like to see in Arkham Origins and how do you think they’ll get themselves into Batman’s crosshairs?

Feature: 10 PS2 Games That Should Come To The PS Vita

gtasanandreaspsvitaA couple of days ago we had official confirmation that the Jak and Daxter Collection would be coming to the PS Vita and then yesterday an ESRB rating for the Sly Collection appeared for the PS Vita.

It’s fair to say we’ll be seeing a few more classic PlayStation 2 titles making their way to the PS Vita in the future, but what do people really want? We’ve drawn up our wish-list of classic PlayStation 2 titles that would be perfectly matched for the PS Vita.

10. Grand Theft Auto Series

The Grand Theft Auto series would without a doubt be great fun on the PS Vita. Open world games are all the rage these days so why not go back to the roots of open-world games with the Grand Theft Auto series? Rockstar has recently ported Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City to Android and iOS devices, so it surely can’t be that hard to get them running on the mighty PS Vita. Just image flying a plane over the rocky mountains in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, all whilst sitting on the bus…

9. The Splinter Cell Series

Another collection that could well find a home on the Vita is the Splinter Cell series. They would be ideal for the Vita’s dual analogue sticks and the rich screen and colour that the PS Vita offers would more than bring to life to murky world of political espionage that Sam Fisher is always caught up in.

8. Call of Duty 3

OK, I can’t see this happening anytime soon, but we can wish can’t we? Possibly the finest Word War II shooter of the PlayStation 2′s generation and boy would it be a thrill to take this on the road, especially after the disaster that was Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified. The PS Vita might not quite match the power of the PlayStation 3, but it should be more than capable of running even the most demanding of PlayStation 2 games. The Vita’s crying out for decent first-person shooters at the moment, and with only Black Ops Declassified and Resistance: Burning Skies available until September when Killzone: Mercenary rears its beautiful head, a port of one of the best shooters would go down a treat.

7. Tony Hawks Underground 1&2

The Tony Hawk games have become a bit of a joke as of late, but rewind to the last generation and they were at their peak with Tony Hawk’s Underground and Tony Hawk’s Underground 2. Customisation, large open areas to skate around in, you had it all. Now put that on a handheld and you’ve got yourself an army of happy chappys. I’m not really into skateboard in the slightest, but the Tony Hawk games brought out the, well, the Tony Hawk in all of us.

6. Ratchet and Clank Series

Another dynamic duo that would benefit from a lick of digital paint and a port to the most powerful handheld yet. Great platforming and adventures await! Whether we see it happen remains to be seen, but it’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility.

5. Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars on the PlayStation 2 was pretty much identical to the PlayStation 3 version, albeit with a lack of trophies. Lego games have found their way into the mainstream over the last few years so interest is still high and if the block breaking and stud collecting addictive gameplay could jump over to the PS Vita, we’d be too distracted to riot against Disney for cancelling Star Wars 1313

4. Star Wars: Battlefront I & II

Another Star Wars game? Yes, there were actually some decent ones before LucasArts starting peddling out crap like Kinect Star Wars. Battlefront is a bit like Battlefield, but set in the Star Wars universe. Fun in single player but better with a group online, this would without any shadow of a doubt be snapped up by millions of Vita owners thirsty for online action. Playable in both the first and third person, you can’t lose!

3. God of War & God of War II

They’ve had their HD smothering on the PlayStation 3, now bring them to the PS Vita damn it! Massive battles of epic proportions on the go would make commuting a riot, so long as you have a pair of headphones, you don’t want to incite an actual riot.

2. Spider-Man 2

Anybody who played Spider-Man 2 will know exactly why this is on the list. The first time you take to the skyline with your trusty webbing and skin-tight suit you’ll feel like you actually are Peter Parker in spandex. A massive open-world New York bursting with stuff to do, things to collect and a story that’s actually decent, for a game based on a movie. Spider-Man 3 was pretty crap, let’s be honest, but Spider-Man 2? We’d take that on the Vita any day of the week, for a reasonable price that is. Make it happen Activision!

1. Burnout 3: Takedown

Before Criterion took on the Need for Speed franchise (and ported Need for Speed Most Wanted to the PS Vita) they were picking their brains, thinking of elaborate ways for us players to destroy cars whilst racing recklessly. Burnout 3: Takedown was probably the best effort of them all, crafting mental driving and aggressive take-downs into a product that could keep you amused for hours, despite constantly being pummelled by your opponents.

Well, that’s our wish-list, what’s on yours? Any “collections” that you’d like to see on the Vita? Or do you outright oppose ports from the last gen and demand brand new games? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Question Time: Always Online Console – Good or Bad?

shrutequestionWe’ve been hearing a lot of rumours over the last few months about Microsoft’s Next Xbox, one of the predominant rumours being that the console will require an “always on” connection to function.

While this rumour may or may not be true, or may be true up until a point, it does beg the question; what do gamers want? Do you want a console that is always online? Would the always on feature make you feel safer when you play online, or would it be a bit too intrusive? Can you see any point to an always online device? Our smartphones, laptop, PC’s, iPads, tablets and a whole host of devices are always online, so why is it a bad thing to have our consoles go the same way?

So, what do you think?

Readers comments:

Torstein Aakvag (Facebook) – Bad not everyone have (sic) stable 24/7 online access.