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Feature: Top 5 X-Men Games


X-Men: Days of Future Past hit cinemas in the last week, raking in the money and garnering great reviews here’s mine. Surprisingly, for a film this big with a massive hype machine behind it, there was no official videogame to try and part us from our hard-earned cash.

Feature: Microsoft Removes Kinect From Xbox One: Just What Does It Mean?


Never say never. Ever since the announcement of the Xbox One, Microsoft have been insistent that Kinect is a crucial part of the consoles infrastructure and philosophy, to the point of bundling it with every system and not having the console work without it.

News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Arrives 25th October, Boss Fights Fixed!

Deus Ex HR directors cut bannerBack in 2011 the critically acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released. Prequel to 2001′s acclaimed stealth action game, Deus Ex. Developed by Eidos Montreal, it was the only game that really made it’s publisher Square Enix any profit that year.

Feature: 4 Ways To Tell You’re Playing Too Much Of One Game

awesomenautsLately, I’ve become obsessed with Awesomenauts. From the moment I wake up to the second I go to sleep, Awesomenauts occupies some space in my brain. It’s gotten bad, really bad. I’ve clocked in over 170 hours since purchasing the MOBA on Steam a few weeks ago.

Interview: Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta

Unearthed-Trail-of-Ibn-BattutaUnearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is an upcoming action/adventure title from Semaphore games and marks a big step in major game development in the Middle East.

Today Ahmad Jadhalla, the writer and director of the upcoming game took some time to speak to us about Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta.

Opinion: PS Vita Needs AAA’s, Not Indies

ps-vita-206-updateThe PS Vita hasn’t had the best start in life, but it’s getting there. Sort of.

In recent months the powerful handheld has become a haven for smaller developers and independent game makers looking to get their games out on the best possible device for a reasonable price; hence the influx of indie games.

Feature: Call of Duty Announcement May 1st: Our Predictions

Call-of-Duty-ghostsYesterday UK retailer Tesco leaked the box art for Call of Duty: Ghosts, pretty much confirming that the next entry in the very long running series will indeed be Call of Duty: Ghosts. 

We’ve previously heard from Activision that “all will be revealed” on May 1st, but what exactly will it be?

News: Arkham Origins: The Joker As A Villain?!

batman-arkham-origins-gameWelcome! To the Madhouse Batman!” – The Joker, Arkham Asylum.

As I predicted in my first ever article for The Games Cabin, the Joker is rumoured to be featured in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins.

A photo released for CVG has shown that the Joker will be featured within the game.

Feature: 10 PS2 Games That Should Come To The PS Vita

gtasanandreaspsvitaA couple of days ago we had official confirmation that the Jak and Daxter Collection would be coming to the PS Vita and then yesterday an ESRB rating for the Sly Collection appeared for the PS Vita.

It’s fair to say we’ll be seeing a few more classic PlayStation 2 titles making their way to the PS Vita in the future, but what do people really want?

Question Time: Always Online Console – Good or Bad?

shrutequestionWe’ve been hearing a lot of rumours over the last few months about Microsoft’s Next Xbox, one of the predominant rumours being that the console will require an “always on” connection to function.

While this rumour may or may not be true, or may be true up until a point, it does beg the question; what do gamers want?

Opinion: Batman Arkham Origins

batman-arkham-origins-gameRiddle me this:
What happens when the “Worlds Greatest Detective” is not met with steady rock?

The announcement of a new Batman game developed butterfly’s in my stomach and that giddy feeling you get, much like a middle-aged woman with a ticket to a Take That concert.

Monday Bargains: The Latest Cheap Games

tomb-raider-bowAs promised, we’re going to start letting you know the best prices for cheap games, hopefully saving you a few pounds/dollars/euro in the process.

Every Monday without fail you’ll find a list of cheap games available to buy as well as regular updates through the week, informing you of any offers we might spot.

Feature: Easy Solution For PlayStation 4 Backwards Compatibility

ps4The PlayStation 4 is due to launch later this year in at least one territory with Microsoft’s Next Xbox not far behind, but despite the excitement that always builds up around the next-generation of home consoles, there are many who are up in arms about the lack of backwards compatibility.

Feature: 10 Alternative Shooters If You’re Bored Of Call Of Duty

bioshock-infiniteEvery year a new Call of Duty gets released and every year hordes of players complain of the tired formula and outdated graphics. They cry out for new experiences whilst they hand over their cash to the cashier and walk out of the store, Call of Duty in hand, vowing to never play another.

Feature: The Future Of Star Wars Games (Probably)

starwarsgtaToday we learned that Disney and their evil henchmen Mickey and Donald kicked down the doors of LucasArts and effectively burnt the studio to the ground, claiming that they are “restructuring” their gaming side of the business and opting to go down the “licensing” route.

Feature: How Hard Is It To Get Into PC Gaming?

how-hard-is-pc-gamingThere’s a clear divide between those who get their gaming fix on their home console, and those who play on a beefy PC. With the recent announcement of the PlayStation 4, fans from both sides have been clashing in a war of words over the advantages and disadvantages of gaming on home consoles and PC’s.…

Feature: 5 Things We Want In Modern Warfare 4′s Single Player

modern-warfare-4Most people jump into the Call of Duty games for the multiplayer portion of the game, with a fair amount completely abandoning the single player offering. It’s a shame because the early Call of Duty games were all about the single player experience, placing you in historic battles during World War II, fighting the evil Nazi’s with the multiplayer being an added bonus to get some replay value out of the game you had just spent a lot of money on.…

Feature: 50 Games That Defined This Generation, For Better & For Worse Part II

games-console-warsYesterday we brought you the 25 games that defined this generation for the better. Top games that paved the way for this generation to go on and present us the finest displays of interactive media.

Today, we’re bringing you the 25 games the defined this generation for the wrong reasons.…

Feature: 50 Games That Defined This Generation, For Better & For Worse – Part I

games-console-warsThe next-generation is only a few months away. We’ve had the PlayStation 4 reveal, albeit without the console, but enough to whet our appetites. Now we’re all waiting patiently for Microsoft to show what they’re bringing to the table with their next Xbox console.…

Feature: Why Should Developers Bother With PS Vita?

killzone-mercenary-ps-vitaI’d just like to make one thing clear, this isn’t a PS Vita “doom and gloom” piece. It’s just a quick look at why developers should bother investing in making original game, or even ports for the PS Vita.

I love the PS Vita, it’s a great console and fills a gap that tablets and smartphones just can’t.…