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Could Bully/Liberty City Stories/Vice City Stories Be The Next Rockstar Games To Go Mobile?

Rockstar has taken quite a shine to the iOS and Android platforms over the last few years. Where other developers and publishers have become fearful of mobile gaming and its effect on the console market, Rockstar has embraced it.


News: Ubisoft Has No Problem Taking Inspiration From Other Games

Have you ever played a game and got the overwhelming sense of familiarity, even though the game you’re playing is brand new? I know I have, quite a lot actually, even more so over the last couple of years.


News: Microsoft Will “Respect” Minecraft, Community Will Be Able To Try Out New Titles Early

After Microsoft’s deal to purchase Minecraft creator Mojang, many fans were left fearing the worst, assuming that Microsoft would butcher the beloved franchise.

That’s not the case though, according to Mojang COO Vu Bui who recently spoke with BBC


News: Sega Dreamcast Is Getting A New Game This Year

Time to dig out your Sega Dreamcast from its dusty grave; there’s a new game coming out for it!

Pier Solar HD, an RPG from Watermelon that has already seen a release on the ancient Sega Mega Drive as


Feature: 15 Paid Android Games Worth Your Money

Gaming on smartphones has become commonplace now these days. Back when the first iPhone and Android devices released we were all playing some primitive touchscreen games that at the time seemed to be the pinnacle of mobile gaming, but

play ps4 games on phone

News: Play PS4 Games On Your Phone With Sony’s New Xperia Smartphones

The future just got a bit bleaker for the PS Vita; it’s unique Remote Play, allowing you to play your PS4 games on the go, just became not so unique.

Sony’s new range of Xperia smartphones, the Xperia Z3, …


News: Little Big Planet Spin Off Run SackBoy! Run! Announced For PS Vita & Mobile

SackBoy’s turned to the darkside.

run sackboy run
Another time waster?

Sony is gearing up for the release of Little Big Planet 3 on the PS4 and PS3 and to help promote the game they’ve announced a handheld companion game.

The game …

flappy bird

News: Flappy Bird Returning With Multiplayer This August

Remember Flappy Bird? The game that caused blistering fingers amongst smarthphone users with its frustratingly addictive yet simple gaemplay? Well, it’s coming back.

The games creator Dong Nguyen has supposedly revealed to CNBC’s Kelly Evans that the addictive

News: New Angry Birds Star Wars Info Coming This Monday

angrybirdsstarwarsThere’s some “big news” coming from Rovio this coming Monday, and it’s looking like a new Angry Birds Star Wars game.

A teaser image posted on the developers official website indicated that it’s to be another Angry Birds Star