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Feature: Top 5 X-Men Games


X-Men: Days of Future Past hit cinemas in the last week, raking in the money and garnering great reviews here’s mine. Surprisingly, for a film this big with a massive hype machine behind it, there was no official videogame to try and part us from our hard-earned cash.

News: Flappy Bird Returning With Multiplayer This August

flappy bird

Remember Flappy Bird? The game that caused blistering fingers amongst smarthphone users with its frustratingly addictive yet simple gaemplay? Well, it’s coming back.

The games creator Dong Nguyen has supposedly revealed to CNBC’s Kelly Evans that the addictive title will be coming back this August, but not as we previously knew it.

News: New Angry Birds Star Wars Info Coming This Monday

angrybirdsstarwarsThere’s some “big news” coming from Rovio this coming Monday, and it’s looking like a new Angry Birds Star Wars game.

A teaser image posted on the developers official website indicated that it’s to be another Angry Birds Star Wars game, though this time around it’s looking like it’ll be based around the events of Star Wars: Episode I, II and III.

News: Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame Releasing This Month

prince-of-persia-the-shadow-and-the-flamePrince of Persia fans, there’s a treat on its way to you in the form of a mobile game titled Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame.

Yes. A mobile game. Last week Ubisoft teased an incoming Prince of Persia announcement and it seems this is it.

TGC Review: Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta: Episode 1

Unearthed-ArtUnearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is just enough like Uncharted that it can be considered an homage. Is it an homage worth playing though? Can it satisfy your need for adventuring until Uncharted 4? Or will you have to settle for some NeoPets instead?

News: 22 Can’s Curiosity Is Finished, Winner In For BIG Treats

curiositywinner22 Cans’ smartphone game Curiosity is finally over, and the winner has decided to share what his/her prize is going to be.

Curiosity was released back in November for Android and iOS devices. The aim of the game? Simple, just tap the small square pixels that sit on a hug cube, slowly but steadily breaking down the cube’s layers along with millions of other players to reveal the “life changing” secret that lay inside.

News: ‘First Look’ At EA’s Star Wars Plan This E3

eastarwarsFrank Gibeau of EA recently confirmed that during this years E3, EA would be showing off their plans for the Star Wars license that they have recently acquired.

According to Fran Gibeau’s post on the EA’s Beat blog, the E3 conference will be giving us “a first look at our plans for the Star Wars partnership with Disney.”

What this is set to entail, we’ve no idea.

TGC Review: Men’s Room Mayhem (PS Vita)

MRM_LogoToilet humour is often described as the lowest form of humour. In the case of Men’s Room Mayhem, it’s nothing short of fantastic.

The premise might not sound like much, but it’s the subtle humour that will hook you on and drag you in.

News: Men’s Room Mayhem Out Now, Launch Trailers Inside

MRM_LogoMen’s Room Mayhem is unzipping it’s jeans and splashing all over your PS Vita, starting from today.

Today North American PS Vita owners will be able to purchase and download the quirky line-drawing game from Liverpool based Sawfly Studio’s and publisher Ripstone, whilst UK and European players will have to cross their legs and hold on tight until tomorrow when the title becomes available on the EU PlayStation Store.

News: Nvidia Shield Pre-Orders Open Next Week, Pricing Announced

nvidia-shield_2Nvidia’s first step into the handheld gaming market comes in the form of the Nvidia Shield, an Android based device which will allow gaming on the go with Android apps as well as streaming PC games to the device from your PC.

Interview: Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta

Unearthed-Trail-of-Ibn-BattutaUnearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta is an upcoming action/adventure title from Semaphore games and marks a big step in major game development in the Middle East.

Today Ahmad Jadhalla, the writer and director of the upcoming game took some time to speak to us about Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta.

TGC Mobile Review: Iron Man 3

iron-man-3-the-official-gameTo coincide with the release of the third installment in the Iron Man film franchise, Gameloft has released a tie-in game for iOS and Android devices, Iron Man 3.

So how does Gameloft’s latest movie tie-in far up? It’s not all that bad to fair, in fact, it’s a damn good time waster.

Bad News: EA Given Exclusive Rights To Star Wars Games

star wars: battlefront III was nearly finishedIf you thought the Star Wars franchise died with The Phantom Menace, or even Kinect Star Wars, or maybe the day Disney flashed it’s skirt at George Lucas, revealing wads of lovely cash, you were wrong.

It has recently been revealed that Disney, who now owns the Star Wars franchise, has given “the most hated company in America”, EA, exclusive rights to developer future games set in the Star Wars universe.

News: Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time Release Date Confirmed, Trailer Inside

plantsvszombies2The follow-up to the highly successful and completely unavoidable Plants vs. Zombies is set to release this summer with Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time.

EA has released a trailer for the upcoming strategy game as well as informing us that the sequel will launch this July, though no exact date was specified.

News: Minecraft: Pocket Edition Reaches 10 Million Sales, Big Updates Incoming

Minecraft-Pocket-EditionMinecraft: Pocket Edition has reached over 10 million sales across iOS and Android devices, Mojang recently announced.

The mobile version of the incredibly popular Minecraft has gone above and beyond expectations on mobile devices and will soon be getting some big updates bringing in new features.

News: FIFA 14 Announcement Brings Details & Screens

fifa14-1Every year a new FIFA football game gets released, this year is no different with today’s announcement from EA confirming that FIFA will be returning with FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, though we fully expect FIFA 14 to release across pretty much every platform available, so a Wii U, PlayStation 4, Next Xbox, PS Vita and 3DS version are already pretty much a given.

News: Iron Man 3 Mobile Game Flying In This April

iron-man-3-the-official-gameThe Iron Man 3 movie releases later this year and as is standard, there’s a tie-in game being made available.

Iron Man’s latest outing into the world of video games comes thanks to Gameloft. Don’t get too excited though. If you were expecting an open-world game to fly around in and smash baddies to pieces, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

News: Ouya Going On Sale This June

ouya-pre-orderThe Android-powered home console Ouya is set to go on sale later this year and will be available for all who want it.

In North America the latest home console will set you back $99 dollars and includes a controller for you to use, however if you intend to do some local multiplayer you’ll need to purchase another controller separately for around $50, depending on which retailer you decide to give money to.

News: Proteus Possibly Get Ported To Home Consoles & Handhelds

proteus-port-coming-to-consoles-soonIndie hit Proteus may be making its way to a new home in the shape of home consoles and handhelds.

In a recent interview with VelocityGamer, Proteus‘s Ed Key gave some insight into the future of the title, hinting that it may be coming to a home console near you, and maybe even making a stand in the handheld market.

News: Unity Developer Tools Being Made Available For PlayStation Devices

Unity-for-PlayStation-DevicesPlayStation developers will soon be able to develop games using the “optimised for PlayStation” Unity development tools, as Sony and Unity recently announced a strategic partnership.

The “Unity for PlayStation” tools will take advantage of the individual features of each PlayStation platform, whether it be PlayStation 3, PS Vita, PlayStation 4 or even PS Mobile.…