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Black Rock Shooter Developer Imageepoch Officially Bankrupt

Another one bites the dust, as the saying goes.

Imageepoch, the developers behind the excellent Black Rock Shooter, Stella Glows and Criminal Girls Invitation are officially bankrupt and out of business, along with their affiliate company Smile Online Games.…

Nintendo Have Managed to Flog 10.5 Million Amiibo’s; North America Taking 66% of Shipments

Some games struggle to become multi-million sellers, heck, just look at the PS Vita. There’s plenty of goodness to go around but even the best of the best only manage to find their way into the palms of a …

Rogue Legacy Dev Explains Xbox One Version Parity; “No Idea” on 3DS Version & More

The Xbox One edition of Cellar Door Games’ side-scrolling rogue-like will be available to download and play from May 27th, though if you’ve already played through Rogue Legacy then there’s little reason to re-purchase it for the Xbox One.…

Take a Peek at the New Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Theme for 3DS

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate recently surpassed 1 million copies sold in Western territories, so to celebrate the occasion players are being treated a nice little freebie for showing their support.

If you head over to the 3DS eShop and …

Nintendo Apologises for Being Unable to Meet Demands for Amiibo’s;Bringing Back Out of Stock Figures

Ever since Nintendo released the popular Amiibo figurines to complement their games they’ve been inundated with criticism for not providing enough stock to retailers as grumpy kids scream at their parents because they can’t get their hands on a …

Legend of Legacy Being Localised by Atlus USA; Another Unannounced Project in the Works

There’s a new game in the works for 3DS owners, as unexpectedly revealed by Atlus USA’s PR Manager John Hardin.

Actually, there are two games being worked on by Atlus, though one is being kept under wraps for the …

News: Nintendo Abandons Virtual Console Trademark

Nintendo games consoles date back over 20 years and have a rich library of games that still warrant a place in today’s gaming culture.

Hence, the Virtual Console was born. For those not in the know, the Virtual Console …

News: Huge 3DS Emulator Breakthrough; Boots Ocarina of Time, Screens Inside

Emulation is a great way to play the older games of yesteryear, but there are always those who will strive to emulate current consoles.

The Nintendo DS is still pretty popular around the world yet there are multiple emulators …

News: The Smurfs Will Get You Chopping Wood, Flying Planes & More On Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS will be getting a new game in the form of The Smurfs, according to a new rating by the ESRB.

Those loveable rogues will be getting up to their usual antics on the Nintendo 3DS, …

Feature: 15 Last Minute Gaming Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss This Christmas

Black Friday has been and gone with many gamers snapping up all the gaming deals like there’s no tomorrow. Well, there is a tomorrow and in fact, post Black Friday is probably the best time to be on the …

News: Hyrule Warriors New DLC Shows Link as a Postman, Zelda’s New Weapon & More

There’s a new batch of screenshots for the second download content pack for Hyrule Warriors, aptly titled the Twilight Princess pack.

The new images show both princess Zelda and boy-hero Link in some new costumes with Link looking particularly

News: New Mega Pokemon Confirmed For Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is just over a month away and we’ve got some new info on some new Mega’s that will be in the game.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have confirmed that Latios and Latias

News: Ubisoft Has No Problem Taking Inspiration From Other Games

Have you ever played a game and got the overwhelming sense of familiarity, even though the game you’re playing is brand new? I know I have, quite a lot actually, even more so over the last couple of years.

News: 3DS Themes Added In Latest Update

The latest system firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS has some cracking new features, the biggest being 3DS themes.

The update includes access to five free 3DS themes letting players choose between red, blue, black, pink and yellow. So