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The Order: 1886, Gravity Rush and Call of Duty Vita & More Heavily Discounted on EU PSN

This week’s latest round of PlayStation discounts have gone live on the European PlayStation store – so prepare your wallet for a pounding.

The highlights include Ready at Dawn’s Marmite The Order: 1886 for £34.99 as well as Gravity

Sony Exec: This Year’s E3 Might be Better Than Last Year, Will be “Super Crazy Good”

E3 – the annual video-games trade show – is just around the corner. Seriously, a mere few weeks are what separates eager fans from some super exciting announcements and the like.

While we don’t know for sure what’s going …

PS Vita Might be Getting a Physical Release of Terraria This Summer

Not many PS Vita games get to see the light of day. No, literally. Most games are released digitally via the PS Vita PlayStation Store without getting a physical release on one of the very small game cards, meaning …

PSN North America Flash Sale; PS4, PS Vita and PS3 Games More Than 80% Off

We love a good bargain here at The Games Cabin, so it’s always a pleasure to inform our readers of the latest money-saving deals.

North American PlayStation players can enjoy some great savings on the PSN with some cheeky …

Lost Dimension Releasing This Summer on PS Vita and PS3 with Tons of Free DLC

There’s yet another JRPG coming to the West thanks to the tireless efforts of Atlus USA.

Lost Dimension will be releasing on the PS Vita and PS3 from July 28th in North America with a European release following sometime

Black Rock Shooter Developer Imageepoch Officially Bankrupt

Another one bites the dust, as the saying goes.

Imageepoch, the developers behind the excellent Black Rock Shooter, Stella Glows and Criminal Girls Invitation are officially bankrupt and out of business, along with their affiliate company Smile Online Games.…

Square Enix: FF XIV & Dragon Quest X Making “Favourable” Progress; NA & EU Markets “Oligopolisitc”

Mobile gaming has become a bit of a taboo phrase within the industry with many ‘hardcore’ players lambasting the concept of gaming on a smartphone while others are embracing it.
Roll the clock back a few years and you’ll …

Capcom Planning on Bringing More HD Remasters, More Street Fighter and Monster Hunter iOS/Android

Capcom recently released their financial earnings which contains their plans going forward into the next financial year and beyond.

The Japanese publisher is looking to utilise the popularity of their well-known brands by releasing more HD remasters in Japan …

Fan Petition asks Square Enix to Release Mobius Final Fantasy on PS Vita

Petitions are the gamers go-to device when things don’t go their way.

Over recent months we’ve seen a few notable petitions crop up, one of the most recent being direct at Konami and their decision to not go forward …

Koei Tecmo: Vita Physical Sales Trumped by Digital; Negotiating Ar nosurge Limited Edition for EU

The PS Vita started off life quite strong with a fair few big-name games releasing on the platform in the form of the little rectangular cartridges, something that’s becoming a bit of a rarity these days.

As prices for …

PS Vita Exclusive Limited Physical Edition of Retro City Rampage DX is Sold Out

Retro City Rampage has been knocking around for a few years now, but that didn’t stop the game’s developer running a limited physical release for the old-school inspired open-world crime-fest.

The game itself is less than 20MB in size …

Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins Bundle Gets Rated

Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins may be getting re-released as part of a new bundle, at least according to a new rating by the German ratings board.

The USK recently rated both games for the PlayStation …