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News: PlayStation Store Update 16th April


This weeks PlayStation Store update is chock full of goodies to keep you entertained throughout the Easter holidays. There’s something for everyone this week, with The Sly Trilogy sneaking onto the PS Vita, Trials Fusion for the PlayStation 4 as well as Killzone Mercenary’s Botzone Solider Training.

Rumour: The Last of Us: Remastered Coming June 20th


Rumour has it that The Last of Us: Remastered will be releasing on the PlayStation 4 this June.

According to US retailers Best Buy, Target and Gamefly, The Last of Us: Remastered will be hitting shelves on June 20th. This listing puts The Last of Us: Remastered after E3 2014, possibly allowing Sony and Naughty Dog to show off the remastered release during this years E3.

Rumour: John ‘Soap’ MacTavish To Appear In CoD: Ghosts


Infinity Ward has been teasing a possible new character skin for CoD: Ghosts, the skin in question being that of fan favourite John ‘Soap’ MacTavish.

A tweet from the developer of CoD: Ghosts suggests that Soap may be released as a new multiplayer skin, much like Captain Price was released a while back.

Rumour: GTA V Coming To PS4, Xbox One & PC This June


GTA V released late last year, and ever since there have been many rumours surrounding the title’s potential release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Most rumours seem to be pulled from thin air, with Rockstar giving absolutely nothing for us to go on, but we’ve finally got some sort of credible source.

News: Blast The Bots In Killzone Mercenary


Have you been leaving Killzone Mercenary out in the cold recently? Been waiting for a reason to boot up the shooter on your PS Vita? Well now there’s a good reason to! Killzone Mercenary is to receive a brand new patch that will breathe fresh life into the meaty portable shooter.

News: Microsoft Rolling Out Xbox One Update 1404


Microsoft has released the latest update for their next-gen home console, the Xbox One.

The update brings a few fixes which will no doubt please some frustrated Xbox One owners who have been unfortunate enough to encounter them.

The details of the latest update are listed below:

  • A new fix for consoles previewing the update to address an issue where the Blu-ray drive may fail to wake up after coming out of standby.

News: Titanfall’s Expedition DLC Takes You On A Trip This May


Titanfall‘s first piece of download content has been revealed to be named Titanfall Expedition and it’s stomping onto Xbox One and Xbox 360 this May.

Featuring three brand new maps, Swampland, Runoff and Wargames, the Titanfall Expedition DLC promises to deliver some new variation to the shooter with the new locations to do battle in, as well as some new game modes that are being released for free.

News: Dayz Won’t Release On Xbox One & PS4 Until PC Version Is Ready


If you’ve been eagerly waiting to play the popular title Dayz on your brand new Xbox One or PlayStation 4, you’re going to be in for a wait, a long wait.

Dean Hall of Bohemia Interactive recently caught up with the fine folks over at GameReactor where he spoke of the future intentions of bringing Dayz to the Xbox One and PS4.

News: Titanfall Could Have Been A Very Different Game


Respawn Entertainment recently held a PAX East panel, where they spoke about the original intentions behind Titanfall, some of which may come as a bit of a surprise.

Originally, the title wasn’t going to be the big ol’ multiplayer shoot-em’-up that we know today, in fact, it was originally going to take a more subtle approach in the form of a single player stealth based game.

News: Naughty Dog Turns 30, Several Announcements On The Way


You may not realise it, but Naughty Dog is probably older than your average gamer. The highly lauded development studio has just turned 30 and is celebrating in style.

Posting over on the PlayStation Blog, Eric Monacelli of Naughty Dog explains the humble origins of the studio, dating back to the 1980′s, as well as revealing that Naughty Dog is teaming up with Dark Horse Comics to release The Art of Naughty Dog, a collection of never-before-seen artwork, along with a selection of their favourite fan-art pieces.

News: OlliOlli Tearing It Up On PS4 & PS3


Had fun with indie hit OlliOlli on the PS Vita? Well soon enough you’ll be able to enjoy those pretty pixels on your television screen via the PS4 & PS3.

Developer Roll7 has announced that OlliOlli is going to be making waves on the PS Vita’s home console counterparts later on in the summer.

News: Watch Dogs Avoids Censorship In Australia

Watch_Dogs_52879 (1)Australia is known for having some stringent censorship laws, especially when it comes to video games, so it must come as a relief to players over in the Oceania region to learn that Watch Dogs won’t be getting the censor treatment.

News: PS Vita Firmware Update 3.10 Brings Much Needed Updates

ps-vita-206-updateSome great news on the PS Vita front as Sony has just announced over on the PlayStation Blog that the PS Vita firmware update 3.10 will be deploying later on today.

The new update removes the 100 apps limit, upping it to a handsome 500.

News: inFamous Second Son Won’t Let You Die, Even When Your Controller Does

infamoussecondsondelsinWe’ve all been there before; you’re tearing it up, owning the battlefield, racetrack or playing field, when all of a sudden your controller dies a sudden death and you’re left staring speechless at the screen, deciding whether to throw the controller through it or just turn the thing off.

We’re Back!

After months of silence, The Games Cabin is back to bring you the latest gaming news and reviews, with the occasional competition sprinkled on top.

What a time to be back too! We’ve had the launch of the next-gen home consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, a ton of games have been released and there are many more on the way, so watch this space!

News: Googles’s Minecraft Mod ‘qCraft’ Teaches You Quantum Mechanics

Minecraft screen shotMillions of children around the world spend hours building and creating in Minecraft everyday, as such, Google has created qCraft. A Minecraft plugin aimed at inspiring the children of today to become the quantum computer scientists of tomorrow.

Minecraft mods like Tekkit and Hexxit already allow players to create space shuttles to fly to the moon, create programmable computers, and create large-scale industrial factories and refineries.

News: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut Arrives 25th October, Boss Fights Fixed!

Deus Ex HR directors cut bannerBack in 2011 the critically acclaimed Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released. Prequel to 2001′s acclaimed stealth action game, Deus Ex. Developed by Eidos Montreal, it was the only game that really made it’s publisher Square Enix any profit that year.

News: ShadowPlay – Nvidia Brings Smoothest Game Capture To PC

nvidialogoOn Monday 28th October, prepare to update your drivers. Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software is being updated to include gameplay video capture tools, dubbed ShadowPlay. If you have a GTX 600/700 series GPU, a H.264 video encoder is built into your graphics card.

News: Look Sharp With The Latest Zelda Garments

zelda-skyward-sword-wallpaper-hd-1080pFans of The Legend of Zelda will be happy to know that there’s some new The Legend of Zelda official clothing arriving in stores.

The official clothing features artwork inspired from the long-running Nintendo franchise. The stylish hoodie is priced at just under £40 whilst the tank-top (probably best left for female fans) will set you back a penny under £19.

News: Don’t Wait Around For The Last of Us On PS4

the-last-of-us-ps4Ever since The Last of Us was released, fans have been asking whether the post-apocalyptic thriller will be ported over to the PS4. It’s a fair question, the game looks fantastic and would be well received on the next-gen console, though it seems it’s not to be.