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News: ‘Finest Squad’ Hackers Claim To Be Aiding Sony & Microsoft

Last week we told you that the notorious hacker group known as ‘Lizard Squad’ had promised to take down the Xbox Live service on Christmas day, claiming that it would be taken offline forever.

Then they claimed to

stranded deep

News: Stranded Deep: Made By 2 Guys, Looks Like The AAA Survival Game You’ve Always Wanted

Chances are you’ve never heard of Stranded Deep, which is a crying shame as it has the potential to be one hell of a game and it certainly looks the part.

For those who aren’t aware, Stranded Deep comes …


Feature: 15 Last Minute Gaming Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss This Christmas

Black Friday has been and gone with many gamers snapping up all the gaming deals like there’s no tomorrow. Well, there is a tomorrow and in fact, post Black Friday is probably the best time to be on the …

dying light combat

News: Dying Light Won’t Get A Demo Nor A Shady Review Embargo; More Details

Dying Light isn’t that far from releasing, in fact it’s just over a months time until Techland’s horror game shuffles onto PS4, Xbox One and PC.

One of the team over at Techland recently took some time out to …


News: Capcom Censors ‘Angry Joe’ Street Fighter V Video After Negative Comments

Oh dear, Capcom are in hot water again. The firm behind the recently announced PS4/PC exclusive Street Fighter V seems to be safeguarding their upcoming fighter by censoring popular Youtuber Angry Joe.

Angry Joe, real name Joe Vargas, recently …

gta v documentary

Strange: Somebody Made A Nature Documentary Using GTA V (It’s Actually Pretty Good)

Say what you want about gamers, but I’ll be damned if I’m told that they’re the least creative people to inhabit the planet. Yes, neckbeards and nerds do exist and there’s a few basements across the land that host …


Pictures: What Happens When You Run Borderlands Through A Simplifier Filter?

PC players get the best toys, they really do. Whilst console players get some great features built into their machines and don’t have to worry about manually installing software, Windows 8 causing problems or forgetting to clear their search …


News: This War of Mine Made Its Money Back After Just 2 Days, Despite Rampant Piracy

11 Bit Studios’ well received This War of Mine took in enough revenue to cover the development costs within just two days of going on sale, despite rampant piracy.

Speaking to Eurogamer, senior writer Pawel Miechowski explained that theirĀ  …


News: Far Cry 5 Might Happen, Multiplayer Map Changes Could Be Happening

Far Cry 4 hasn’t even been out a month and people are already asking for the follow up! Well, this author can’t talk too harshly, the first thing I thought when I finished up Far Cry 4 was “damn, …