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News: ‘Finest Squad’ Hackers Claim To Be Aiding Sony & Microsoft

Last week we told you that the notorious hacker group known as ‘Lizard Squad’ had promised to take down the Xbox Live service on Christmas day, claiming that it would be taken offline forever.

Then they claimed to


Feature: 15 Last Minute Gaming Deals You Can’t Afford To Miss This Christmas

Black Friday has been and gone with many gamers snapping up all the gaming deals like there’s no tomorrow. Well, there is a tomorrow and in fact, post Black Friday is probably the best time to be on the …

gta v documentary

Strange: Somebody Made A Nature Documentary Using GTA V (It’s Actually Pretty Good)

Say what you want about gamers, but I’ll be damned if I’m told that they’re the least creative people to inhabit the planet. Yes, neckbeards and nerds do exist and there’s a few basements across the land that host …


Lizard Squad Claims To Have Attacked Sony PSN Servers, Again.

The hacking group calling themselves Lizard Squad are at it again. Not content with threatening to knock the Xbox Live servers offline forever on the birthday of the little Baby Jesus, the group is claiming to be behind another …


News: Far Cry 5 Might Happen, Multiplayer Map Changes Could Be Happening

Far Cry 4 hasn’t even been out a month and people are already asking for the follow up! Well, this author can’t talk too harshly, the first thing I thought when I finished up Far Cry 4 was “damn, …


News: Uncharted 4’s Creative Director Teases Exciting Things To Come At The Game Awards

December 5th is only a mere week away yet we’re already being teased with exciting things to come in the Geoff Keighley, things we won’t get to see or hear about until the actual day.

The tease of the …


News: Easy Fix For Latest CoD: Advanced Warfare Patch Problems On PS3/Xbox 360

Some players are reporting issues with the latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare patch that recently deployed on the PS3 and Xbox 360, with some claiming the multiplayer is now “unplayable.” Thankfully, there’s an easy fix.

One helpful user


News: No Boobs In Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode One

The Game of Thrones television series is known for three things – frequently killing off of its characters, compelling storylines and nudity.

Telltale is currently working on a video-game adaptation that will take place between series 3 and 5


Deals: The PS4 May Be Here, But That Doesn’t Stop Some Awesome PS3 Bundles Being Offered

The PS4 may be flashing away with some of its own great console bundles, but that hasn’t stopped some fantastically priced PS3 bundles from being sold this Christmas.

Amazon UK hasn’t forgotten about the PS3, as shown by


News: Need for Speed Will Feature “Fantastic Land, Water & Air Experiences” in an Open World [UPDATE]

Update 21/11/2014: It’s come to our attention that not everything in this post is entirely accurate. The information down below relates to a NEW intellectual property that Criterion is working on, not the Need for Speed franchise. The Need