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News: Nintendo eShop UK releases 14/02/13 – Tank, Tank, Tank Free, Castlevania…

nintendo_eshop_wii4Not much new this week, but Wii U owners are in for some great ‘permanent’ discounts. With Tank, Tank, Tank now available for FREE! Also both Trine 2 and Chasing Aurora have been nicely reduced.

A few nice treats for 3DS owners too, with the classic NES title, Castlevania making its way to Virtual Console.…

News: Sony No Longer Shipping Playstation 2 To Japan

playstation 2The beginning of the end…

It’s been a long time coming, but the time is now here, the Playstation 2 is getting ready to settle in the history of video games.

Sony has apparently stopped shipments of the humble Playstation 2 to Sony’s homeland, Japan.…

TGC Rewind Review: Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!

spyroPuff the magic dragon? Pfft, please…

The original Spyro the Dragon trilogy from the Playstation 1 era finally made it’s way to the Playstation Store this week. To celebrate the arrival of Spyro and his buddies, we’re reviewing his classic adventures each day.

TGC Rewind Review: Spyro the Dragon

spyro the dragon ps3 ps vitaA fiery blast from the past

This weeks Playstation Store update brought with it a ton of new content, including the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy that originally called the Playstation its home. Well now Spyro and his buddies are moving up in the world (forget the last generation games, they were awful) and have settled down on the latest Playstation devices.