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Pictures: 71 Images From PS4 GTA V Show A Breathtaking Digital World Full Of Life

GTA V recently re-released on the PS4 and Xbox One to critical acclaim (review here) from both critics and players alike after wooing the pants off of everybody with stunning its stunning visuals.

One user over on


News: No Boobs In Telltale’s Game of Thrones Episode One

The Game of Thrones television series is known for three things – frequently killing off of its characters, compelling storylines and nudity.

Telltale is currently working on a video-game adaptation that will take place between series 3 and 5


News: Crytek Working On Open-World Action-Adventure Title

Crytek haven’t had the best of times over the last few months, what with rumours of financial turmoil and the subsequent shutting down of Crytek UK and Crytek USA.

It’s not all bad though. Even after selling Homefront: Revolution


News: Need for Speed Will Feature “Fantastic Land, Water & Air Experiences” in an Open World [UPDATE]

Update 21/11/2014: It’s come to our attention that not everything in this post is entirely accurate. The information down below relates to a NEW intellectual property that Criterion is working on, not the Need for Speed franchise. The Need


News: Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Episode 1 Gets PEGI Rating, Release Date Mentioned

Telltale’s Game of Thrones video game has been officially rated by the PEGI ratings board who have, unsurprisingly, rated the game as suitable only for those over the age of 18.

In addition to stating that “the content of


Weird: Blood Sport Kick Starter Wants You to Bleed for Your Games, Literally

Here’s an odd one for you – there’s a Kick Starter campaign currently in progress that wants you bleed for your games, quite literally.

The odd-yet-unique concept wants to mix the real world with the digital realm by having


News: Ubisoft’s The Crew Features Some of the Dodgiest Car Damage On PS4; Has Assassination Missions

Ubisoft’s The Crew recently underwent a closed Beta testing period whereby select players were able to get some hands on time with the game way ahead of its general release, unfortunately it shows the Ubisoft may once again be


News: Rainbow Six Siege Encourages Defensive Gameplay via Tactical Barbed Wire, Sticky Cams & More

The developers behind Rainbow Six Siege have already promised that they’ll be taking the series back to its roots with super-smooth 60 FPS gameplay and now they’re promising a real tactical treat for those who delve into the upcoming