Deal: Show Your Patriotic Pride With This PS4 Decal

Fancy giving your PS4 console a facelift? Why would you, it’s still so young! Maybe you managed to get an unsightly scratch on the sleek machine, maybe you just want to brighten up the living room, maybe you just want to show that you’re a true patriot who loves his console and country. Either way, this PS4 decal will set you on your way.

The Battle Torn decal for the PS4 isn’t for the easily offended; there’s a strapping young lady riding a big, thick, black missile. Clean your thoughts, you perverted fellows.

The product listing states:

Highest Quality, Full Color, “Anti-Slip” Grip-Like Vinyl “Sticker”
Will not Scratch, Fade (UV Resistant) or Peel
Easy Install & Removal. Leaves Behind No Sticky Residue
Fits Sony PlayStation 4 Next-Gen Console & 2 Dualshock Controllers
Precision Cut, Easy Access for Buttons, Controls, & Connectors.

Yes, it’ll even sort out your DualShock 4’s, which no doubt you’ve managed to scuff by throwing it across the room after being killed by that same camper in Call of Duty: Ghosts. We know your pain.

I’m not usually one for console decals, I’m something of a purist in that respect, but even I’m tempted by this one. It has something a little bit BioShock Infinite about it, maybe that’s what I’m finding so appealing? Probably.

Are you a fan of decorating your consoles with some sweet decals? Or do you forbid any and all stickers from entering the same space as your PS4/Xbox One? Let us know down in the comments section below:

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