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Dragon Warrior VII 3DS Fan-Translation Hit with Cease & Desist; Western Release Incoming?

Here’s some bitter/sweet news: a group who have been working on translating Dragon Warrior VII 3DS into English have been sent a cease and desist order by the game’s publisher, Square Enix.

The game is currently available in Japan with no release date set for the West, so fans have taken it upon themselves to modify the game and translate the Japanese dialogue into English, therefore rendering it playable for non-Japanese speakers.

However, Square Enix’s decision to call it to a halt via a cease-and-desist notice isn’t the worst thing in the world. It could actually mean that the publisher has plans to release the classic JRPG here in the West and that it doesn’t want a fan-made translation to hinder the potential profits. It’s currently only available on 3DS in Japan, but there is an iOS/Android version due out in the country at some point, though there’s also no release date for that version either.

Given that Square Enix is keen to tap into the lucrative mobile market, I don’t think it’d be unwise to speculate that the firm, if it was to release Dragon Warrior VII in the West, would release it on iOS and Android devices.  Square Enix has released a fair few of its classic titles from the past, so here’s hoping that Dragon Warrior VII gets added to that list, though we’d prefer it on the 3DS…

We’ve reached out to Square Enix to see if there’s anything that can be shared with us at this time, but we’re not getting our hopes up…