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Hitman Delayed Until March 2016 in the Hope of Improving the Launch Content

2015 is officially going down as the year that everything got delayed. Even this author’s train got pushed back ten minutes this morning, which is just not acceptable.

The latest game to suffer a delay is IO Interactive’s Hitman which was supposed to launch on December 1st, but will now release on March 16th.

Square Enix has explained over on the official Hitman website that this is due to wanting to bring a larger amount of content right out of the door as well as getting content updates out as part of a tighter schedule so there’s less waiting around for new stuff to be added to the game. Hitman is bucking the trend and will release sort of episodically: the first installment will drop and then all subsequent missions will be added along the way – free of charge.

“Moving a launch date is never an easy decision, we know it’s frustrating to have to wait a bit longer for the game, but we truly believe it will mean we can deliver a better launch and overall experience. We’ll share more details next week about the full release schedule and scope of HITMAN in general so keep a look out for that.”

It’s a bummer that we won’t be taking baldy for a stroll, but if it means a better launch then we’re okay with that.

In an effort to say sorry even further, Square Enix has also released an image showing the largest area from Hitman: Absolution and compared it with the Paris Mansion level in the new Hitman, just to drive home how much bigger Hitman is.


  • Samuel

    Sad its being delayed, I hope its plays well when it launches don’t need another Watchdog scenario. What’s this I hear about episodic misssions, are these apart of the main story or they extra contracts that will be added into the game?