News: New Batch Of Drive Club Screenshots Surface

driveclub5Just as the headline suggests, there’s a brand new batch of screenshots from Evolution Studios’ PS4 social racer, Drive Club.

The packet of eight images show off some of the impressive details being put into the games design, it truly does look like a next-gen title, as expected really. The demo during the PlayStation 4 meeting blew our minds, something that the hard-working ladies and gentlemen at Evolution will be happy to hear, as their aim is to bring the level of detail to a point where it is “borderline insane.”

I’d say they’re doing a good job so far. Check out the images below and see what you think.

driveclub2 driveclub3 driveclub4 driveclub5 driveclub6 driveclub7 driveclub8

Drive Club is expected to release alongside Sony’s PlayStation 4 later this year, though at the moment there is no solid release date for the PlayStation 4 or Drive Club, though expect it before Christmas.

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