LG Display Invests $908 Million into Flexible Screens

LG has recently announced that they will be investing a substantial amount into the new OLED displays. These plastic displays are currently only unique to Samsung and LG, both of these companies only have limited stock in each of their flexible phones so LG has decided to capitalize and start investing into the new displays.

LG Display will be investing $908 million into a South Korean company which is equipped for the production of these new flexible displays. ¬†With this new facility invested in, LG have decided to not stop at smartphones screens for flexibility but also have ambitions into wearable’s, automobiles and more televisions.

The factory is going to start the mass-production of all these products in 2017 which is when we will see more and more curvature on each and every device!

In the near future we can expect Samsung to also invest somewhere for these incredible pieces of technology, as for both companies could provide it provides an entirely new marketing demographic.

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Source: LG Display , Andriod Central