News: Microsoft Working On “Exciting Devices” For Xbox One

2015 is shaping up to be a rather interesting year for gamers; we have a slew of new games to look forward to with plenty of third-party titles releasing on both the Xbox One, PS4, Wii U and just about every console under the sun. There’s also the first-party offerings on the horizon, namely Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Quantum Break.

That said, it’s not all about games this generation. Whilst Sony may have a more “gamer” centric console with the PS4, Microsoft has always billed the Xbox One as an “all-in-one” entertainment box.

A new job posting on the Microsoft careers website seems to indicate that the platform holder is looking to support some new Xbox focused hardware

Xbox platform team is hiring a rock solid Kernel device driver developer!   Our team is responsible for major components of the XBOX platform which include all the low level device drivers related to Ethernet, WI-FI, Wi-FI-Direct, USB, and PCI, Audio, HDMI-IN, and Graphics kernel mode drivers.   We work very closely with developers both inside and outside of Microsoft as well as with the hardware vendors to evolve, design, develop, validate and test many hardware components on the Xbox.

We are looking for a senior device driver developer who will be working on some exciting devices on XBOX. The ideal candidate has a passion in this space, loves creating new drivers, enabling other 3rd party hardware vendors to deliver the best drivers, and influence them to get the most from the hardware available, enjoys collaborating with Firmware teams and designers to get the best results, and keeps up to speed on all the latest protocols. Their background ranges from not just developing new drivers but also kernel debugging, to performance tuning on CPUs, integration of drivers into XBOX and solving tough problems in drivers and kernel components of XBOX. They want to work in a fun and healthy environment with passionate co-workers on products that will amaze the world.

Candidate responsibilities:

• Designing, developing and coding Miniport NDIS, USB, and other kernel mode drivers.

• Working closely with firmware developers and API developers, helping to define application/system drivers/firmware interface specifications.  

• Using tools including WinDbg, Visual Studio Debugging, Wireless Sniffers, Prefast, and driver verifier, and kernel level performance profiling like ETL, tuning and analysis on a regular basis.

• Working closely with Virtualization and HyperV technologies.

• Working closely with 3rd party hardware vendors around driver and feature designs for XBOX scenarios and drives functional specifications with them.

At the moment there aren’t a great many third-party Xbox One peripherals. There are a handful of licensed third-party Xbox One controllers, but nothing substantial.

Could this possibly indicate some new peripherals? Maybe something in the vein of Rock Band’s many external controllers? Possibly, there is a new game coming from that very same developer.

Personally, I’m holding out for a full-on next-gen Rock Band though with full keyboard support. My inner Mozart needs to be released!

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  • Guest

    Let’s see, more TV tuner (with DVR possibilities) support for all kinds of global standards and a Lumia Xbox phone which works like the Gear VR from Samsung with AR added to it (Fortaleza) would be a good start.

  • andy

    Lets see Kinect 1.0 would be great since Kinect 0.3 on 360 and Kinect 0.6 on Xbone didn’t go over so well. New better Play and Charge Kits for the controller would be great, a housing for your powerbrick because their was no way they could figure out how to fit it in the “tiny” Xbone console, a new wireless “ac” channel network adapter since they missed out on millions of profit actually including Wifi in the console this time around (why not just wait 5 years for the new standard like they did on 360 which was N at the time?), and more battery packs.


    Ps4 lead in sales does not “kill” Xbox One a bit to progress. It shows that money is still stronger in MS world.

    • Hans Solo

      Even at 18.5mil the console is not considered very popular compared to 100++mil iphones or androids.
      Still pathetic in comparison with mainstream devices.