News: Rare Working On “Jaw Dropping, Never-Been-Done-Before” Game For Xbox One

Game development studio Rare, a subsidiary of Xbox One manufacturer Microsoft, is gearing up the development of its latest game.

The decades-old studio has a few positions available within the company, with job listings posted on the official website. It’s the job descriptions that really give us a peek into what Rare are up to these days, with the postings all carrying the same message – “If you’d like to be part of a pioneering team dedicated to the next jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare game, why not come and join us?”

So what is their next game? Personally, I haven’t the foggiest, but lets hope it’s a return to form for the studio which produced the greatest games of many an adult gamers childhood. Goldeneye, Banjo Ka-zooie and Perfect Dark all remain firm favourites of mine.

Since Microsoft bought Rare for around $375 million back in 2002 the studio has had mixed success with its releases, though some notable games have been produced, such as Perfect Dark Zero for the Xbox 360 as well as Viva Pinata. The second one is my guilty pleasure.

Over the last few years the firm’s primary focus has been on the Kinect Sports series of games, with the most recent release being Kinect Sports: Rivals for the Xbox One which received mixed reviews.

Here’s hoping that Rare’s “jaw dropping” game can bring them back to the forefront of game development, it’s been too long.

What do you think Rare is up to? Leave a comment down below.

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    Something rare…


    Phil jus gave an interview says he has not seen whats rare new game but phil says he will by end of yr goto rare studios and see what they have been brain storming and phil says its rare choice on what type of game they want to make the freedom of creativity is up to rare which can only mean great things

    • RadicalElation

      I hope they’ve been given the freedom to create. Some Rare devs have seemed to be especially scorned by Microsoft’s handling of the studio during the 360’s reign.

  • Leonard Shelton

    They should have done Killer Instinct

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      Why? The first two seasons of Killer Instinct have been amazing. What could Rare have done better by default?

      • James Anthony

        That is very true!

      • James Anthony

        That is very true!

    • Ippoletta

      They are co-developing that.


    microsoft and its 1st party are like some bitches… they tease, tease, tease… and at the end, there is nothing that makes a boner

  • Guest

    $0N¥ and its 1st parties are like pauperstudios…they announce years, years, years in advance and then at the end, when the game releases, it was all lies and overhype that underdeliver. Poor paupers.

  • Lacarious

    rare… desperately wants to make a worthy game, just not sure they have the right creative talent anymore.

  • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen


    • James Anthony

      Yeah as a fan of both console I agree with you

    • James Anthony

      Yeah as a fan of both console I agree with you

  • James Anthony

    Rare best day are behind them. KI is probably the best they can do right now!

  • Nick

    All the Original Outstanding talent is gone, I think the legal rights with some of their old gems are also a mess, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Guy Brohski

    It would be great if Rare developed another kart racer along the lines of Diddy Kong Racing. That game is still my all time favorite racing game.