News: Tomb Raider Reboot Sales Surpass 1 Million

tomb-raider-bowCrystal Dynamics’ reinvention of the Tomb Raider franchise has come off better than most expected, with the title having sold over 1 million copies in just 48 hours.

The latest Tomb Raider adventure takes you to Lara Croft’s roots in an origin story that shapes Lara Croft into the action heroine we all know and love. The game has been well received by critics and more importantly, the fans of the franchise who have had to sit back and watch poor attempts to bring Lara to life this generation.

Global Brand Director of Crystal Dynamics Karl Stewart took to social networking site Twitter to express his joy at the success that Tomb Raider is currently enjoying, tweeting:

“Wow, 1m gamers playing in less than 48hrs! @tombraider fans, you’re AMAZING Hearing some stores are running low..more copies are on the way!”

It’s doing so well that some store are even running out of copies according to Mr Stewart, something that is probably true by the reception the game has received, despite criticism of a certain scene within the game…

We’ll have our review of Tomb Raider up this weekend, so if you’ve not yet taken the plunge into the dangerous jungles with Lara, we’ll let you know if there’s safe passage, so remember to check back in with The Games Cabin and get the low down!

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Source: Twitter