News: Wii U GPU Is “Definitely More Pronounced” But CPU Is Not Weak

satoru_iwataThe Wii U was a topic heavily discussed earlier this week at Nintendo’s financial meeting with investors. Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and Genyo Takeda were conducting a Q&A sessions for its investors.

One of the topics discussed on the Wii U was the controversially spoken hardware specs, more specifically its CPU.

Takeda, a member of Nintendo’s Hardware division, had explained and cleared up the controversy its flagship systems CPU and GPU talk.

Miyamoto: “For High End graphics there is a hurdle, since we have to re-educate our people. The development itself hasn’t changed but we are recruiting specialists that can become core members in each specialized area. External Developers are used to shader techniques and we are collaborating a lot with external companies nowadays so we have a very good development structure.”

Iwata: “Every gaming hardware has its specialities  There is a timing of hit and miss before the functions can be used fully. We were not able to provide development kits that get out all the power of Wii U until mid of last year. With other gaming consoles firms had 6 to 7 years to experiment but our console has a different balance so it is easy to see who has adapted and who hasn’t. However this is something time will heal so we are not too worried.”

Takeda: “Wii U is a machine that has a lot of performance compared to its power consumption. The GPU is definitely more pronounced than the CPU. There are people saying that the CPU is weak but that is not true. It is a trend that the cache memory is what’s getting bigger with CPUs, not the processing power. I do not think that the CPU is underpowered. It’s just a design where the memory is more stressed.”

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  • Robert Mcdonald

    With the new ps4 n xbox 720 soon to be announced and wii u only slightly stronger then current gen and alot of devs ignoring it i dont c wii u being long term successful unfortunitely maybe like the vita. Then again rd a interesting article on how the vita may be rly used big time with the ps4. if thats the case the vita will b revived immensely imo. Maybe stream ps3 games to vita what i read def just a accusational rumor but wjo knows what sony has ul thejr sleeve. i dont think they made the vita in todays ipad heavy days to die a quick death.

    • Lloyd

      Personally I believe the Wii U will be fine, Nintendo is a company and a platform that can happily rely on just its own IP. As for the multiplatform titles, yeah, Wii U will get to a point in which it will struggle to share the same experiences as the PS4/720, but remember, the last system that Nintendo shared on par multiplatform titles was back in the SNES days. Nintendo has had the same Hardware/Software mentality since the N64, for me, thats ok.

      The PSVita is really struggling right now, and its solely because of the lack of developer support, which as you menationed is partly because the “mobile era” but I believe the main reason is simply the lack of push from Sony and the weak line of games, things will soon pick up though, I’m confident Sony’s E3 will be a great one for Vita, simply because, it HAS to be!