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Phil Spencer: Halo: Reach Will Come to Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility Before a Remake

Speaking with the folks from IGN, popular Xbox chief Phil Spencer revealed some interesting information regarding the ever-popular Halo: Reach.

Asked whether there were plans on remastering the game or letting it go onto Xbox One via the newly announced backwards compatibility features, Phil Spencer stated that the backwards compatibility “doesn’t keep us from doing a remaster or something, but clearly letting people play Halo: Reach and any of the first-party 360 games that they want to play is part of what backward-compatibility is about.

He goes on to say that “we don’t have a plan right now for a remake of Halo: Reach. I suspect it’ll be a backward-compatibility game before we ever even think about doing a remake.”

So there you have it – don’t expect a remake anytime soon.

  • milo

    I’ve just sold my xbox one… :( but Halo: Reach is the ONLY game that would make me buy the console for the second time.

  • Adamsmasher93 .

    I do hope that they update Reach to be able to play the 360 game with 1080p and 60fps when played on the Xbox One. Though I doubt they would be able to do that, but it would be awesome to see that like the Halo games on the Master Chief Collection.