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PS4 Android App Updated Ahead of PS4 3.00 Update’s Release, Patch Notes Inside

There’s an update out for the PlayStation app on Android, so if you’re an Android user you’ll probably get an annoying beep at some point today.

The app is being updated to coincide with the release of the PS4’s 3.00 update which will bring loads of new features to the console as well as 10GB of online storage for PS Plus owners. Lovely.

The PlayStation app’s Android page lists the latest patch notes:

– [Events] has been added. All events associated with PlayStation® are now brought together, enabling you to discover and participate in these events in a centralized area.
– You can now use PlayStation®App to easily log in as a guest to the PS4™ system.
– You can now send a request to watch another user’s gameplay.
– You can now comment on activities.
– YouTube™ broadcasts are now displayed in [Live from PlayStation].
So even when you’re away from your living room, you don’t need to be away from the action. Probably best to stick some headphones in though, some of those ladies and gents on YouTube and Twitch can be bloody vulgar in their language.