Psychonauts 2 Has Reached its Crowdfunding Goal

Psychonauts has gained something of a cult appeal over the last decade since its release, and for good reason. The witty, uniquely strange brand of offbeat platforming nirvana was perhaps one of the last truly great 3D platformers at a time when outside of Mario and Sonic, the genre was pretty much dying. Well now that spark is flying once more, as Psychonauts 2 has met its crowdfunding goal and is now in active development.

Double Fine revealed Psychonauts 2 and its corresponding crowdfunding campaign in last year’s Video Game Awards, revealing that the campaign would require the tune of $3.3 million dollars, a familiar amount for those that backed Double Fine’s previous crowdfunded campaign on Kickstarter, which reached $3.3 million to fund adventure game Broken Age. This time, however, Double Fine used crowdfunding platform Fig, which allows users to invest in the game and receive royalties for the profits.

Tim Schafer had a few comments to make about the success of Psychonauts 2’s campaign, speaking on its Fig page:

“We’re so grateful to our backers for giving us this chance to continue the story of Raz and the Psychonauts… Knowing that they will be able to participate as investors in the game makes the whole thing feel more fair and more rewarding.”

There has been some controversy about the Fig platform, however. Some disgruntled commentators have pointed out that unlike normal investment, there is no obligation to return the investment to casual, unregistered investors (which Fig investors fall under). Moreover, there was a little suspicion that Psychonauts 2 was just promoting Fig, given that Tim Schafer the President and CEO of Double Fine, is also on the Fig Advisory Board.

5 days still remain on the Fig campaign (assuming the time remaining doesn’t mysteriously change again), so the final total for Psychonauts’ funding is still up in the air, but at least the game is definitely happening. Unless Double Fine goes overbudget again. Or abandons the game and leaves it unfinished again.

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