Sunday Shopping: Xbox One Quantum Break Bundle Deal, Cheap Games and Other Goodies Penny pinching to the extreme

Sunday Shopping is a slightly brand new feature from your favourite (or last-resort…) video game news website, The Games Cabin. We’ll spend a few hours each Sunday finding some deals to help out our readers. It’s only the second edition …

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The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates – Issue #8 Give your thumbs some exercise

Another weekend means that the world hasn’t imploded but it also means that we’ll be posting another issue of The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates. We’re already on issue number 8 and it’s quite an achievement that we’ve managed to …

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The Games Cabin’s Weekend Play Dates – Issue #3 (We Made it to the Trilogy!) Blazing up the old... games console

Another week of hard work is behind us which means only one thing: a weekend of gaming. We’ve stripped away our suits, ties, and any other piece of clothing that is even slightly respectable, and we’ve donned our pants, dressing …

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Sony Pushing Ads to the Dashboard Isn’t a Bad Thing, It Could Actually Be a Really Good Tool

A little earlier today it transpired that Sony was flexing its marketing muscles in a way that made executives gush, shareholders applaud and consumers a wee bit pissed off.

Many PS4 owners who turned on their PS4 console and prepared …

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