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News: God of War: Ascension Trophy Getting Patch To Please Disgruntled Bros & Hoes

God-of-War-AscensionGod of War: Ascension is a damn fine hack-and-slash title with plenty of killing to please your sadistic side, you even get to play as a man who wears very few clothes, exposing his diamond hard nipples throughout the entire …


TGC Review: God of War: Ascension

Kratos is bGod-of-War-Ascension-coverack, well, it’s more Back to the Future, but he’s back all the same in God of War: Ascension. Does it fare well for our favourite anti-hero? Or is it a bit of a dry


News: God of War: Ascension Demo Plays God On February 26th

god of war: ascensionKratos will be making a bloody mess soon enough with God of War: Ascension‘s single-player demo becoming available on the Playstation Network on February 26th, giving you ample opportunity to get to grips with Kratos’s mighty sword. No euphemism …


News: Buy God of War: Ascension Gets You The Last of Us Demo

the last of us joel and ellieEager to get a bit of hands on time with The Last of Us? You’re not the only one, and even more, you can!

Sony has recently announced that anyone who purchases God of War: Ascension will be able …


News: God of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo Drops Next Week

god of war ascensionFor those of you eager to get your hands, feet or tongue on the upcoming God of War: Ascension, you won’t have to wait much longer.

Coming next month is the single-player demo to give you a taste of …


Feature: Top 15 Most Anticipated Games For 2013

We all most likely have at least one game which we’re looking forward to in for 2013. Whether it be The Last of Us, Gears of War, or the Tomb Raider reboot, there’s no doubt that 2013 will …


Pre-Order God of War: Ascension at Gamestop And Get King Leonidas

 god of war

This is Sparta!


If your planning on pre-ordering God of War: Ascension, this may just be of interest to you.

By placing your  pre-order at Gamestop you’ll receive a special bonus in the shape of 300’s King Leonidas …


God of War: Ascension’s Collectors Edition is fit for a God.

God of War Ascension Collector's Edition isn't angry enough

Worthy of a God

The newly revealed God of War: Ascension Collectors Edition packs a punch and a half. For $79.99 you take home an 8″ statue of the legendary Kratos, a premium steelbook case, double xp multiplayer unlock, DLC …

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