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News: GTA V For PS4 & Xbox One Not Delayed – Rockstar

Some great news for people wanting to get their hands on GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One and don’t want to wait longer than they have to – it’s not delayed!

There’s been a few rumours flying around over the last couple of weeks, most of which suggest that the next-gen versions of the blockbuster crime title has been delayed, or worse yet, the PC version has been cancelled.

Rockstar has officially confirmed that GTA V for PS4 has not been delayed, neither has the Xbox One version. A Rockstar representative was answering an eager fans question on the developers community website, stating “I’m also looking forward to the PC release, however this release date has not changed.”

So there you have it, GTA V for PS4 and Xbox and presumably the PC will launch sometime later this year. We still have no solid release date for the title yet, but we expect Rockstar to give this info up within the next few weeks. Either way, we’ll keep you updated.

Are you going to be purchasing GTA V for PS4 or Xbox One? Or will you be going for the PC release, where no doubt there will be a plethora of mods available. Let us know down in the comments section below.


Rumour: GTA V For PC In Doubt, May Be Cancelled

According to a chap named Brad, who claims to work for Rockstar Norths marketing team, GTA V for PC is in danger of being cancelled.

Brad, who is apparently the founder of the marketing firm Ratnic, claims that Rockstar were hesitant to develop a PC port of GTA V and only did so as there was a huge demand for the title from PC players.

This is backed up by Ratnic’s chairman John Hoffberger. “The next-gen console launch dates are still intact, but the PC game launch has been agitating for Rockstar staff” Hoffberger stated in an interview.

Does this mean that Rockstar has cancelled GTA V for PC? It’s not confirmed but all the same it’s not entirely impossible. Rockstar didn’t release Red Dead Redemption for the PC either, though for technical reasons. However, with piracy rampant among the PC platform it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to see developers refuse to release titles based on that reason.

Until we have more solid info, take this one for what it is, a rumour.

We’d link to Ratnic’s official website, but it’s currently down due to hackers claiming to be from 4chan, demanding they get their PC game… Childish? Definitely.

Source: foxweekly


News: New The Sims 4 Trailer Eases You Into Creating A Sim

EA has released a new trailer detailing The Sims 4‘s Create A Sim mode. It’s looking pretty cool too.

The trailer, coming in at just short of five minutes, details the new and improved Create A Sim tool, showing just how easy it is to create the Sim you want. Instead of struggling through the sliders, you’ll be able to simply place the cursor over the part of your Sim you want to change and adjust accordingly, no fiddly menus.

It’s sure to make creating your ideal Sim less of a chore and more fun, something that has been a bit of a drag in Sims 3. Pun intended.

The trailer for The Sims 4 is down below, so direct your peepers south and check out the walkthrough video with producer Ryan Vaughan.

The Sims 4 is slated for an Autumn release on the PC and Mac platforms.

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Rumour: GTA V Coming To PS4, Xbox One & PC This June

GTA V released late last year, and ever since there have been many rumours surrounding the title’s potential release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Most rumours seem to be pulled from thin air, with Rockstar giving absolutely nothing for us to go on, but we’ve finally got some sort of credible source.

The latest leak comes courtesy of TECH NICK, manager of German retailer Saturn.de. TECH NICK took to social media site Twitter with the following tweet.

“Da ich grad gefragt wurde: Das Release von für PC, XBOX One und PS4 wird für Juni erwartet.

What? You don’t speak German? Well shame on you… The tweet reads:

“Since I asked what degree: The release of # GTAV . for PC, XBOX and PS4 One is expected in June # rumors # abgenickt.

Now obviously this isn’t 100% confirmation that GTA V will indeed release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, but it’s got to be said that the guy would have some sort of insider knowledge to prepare for the release. However, a June release date does seem a little odd, though it would be a welcome addition during the annual summer gaming drought.

Take it with a huge pinch of salt though, until Rockstar officially announces it consider any all news regarding the rumoured release just that, a rumour.

Would you re-buy GTA V on the PS4, Xbox One or PS4? Or did the PS3 and Xbox 360 version leave you burnt out? Sound off down in the comments section down below.

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Source: Behind Games

News: ShadowPlay – Nvidia Brings Smoothest Game Capture To PC

nvidialogoOn Monday 28th October, prepare to update your drivers. Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software is being updated to include gameplay video capture tools, dubbed ShadowPlay. If you have a GTX 600/700 series GPU, a H.264 video encoder is built into your graphics card. This is currently used to provide low-latency game streaming with the Nvidia Shield handheld gaming device, but soon it will allow PC gamers to capture gameplay without destroying their frame-rate.

Even though third-party solutions have existed for years, software like FRAPS, DXTORY, and MSi Afterburner all use the CPU to encode video into usually an uncompressed and gargantuan file format. A very taxing task on top of what is usually a CPU intensive game (e.g. Planetside 2). This causes frame-rate drops, hindering your gameplay and ultimately getting you killed. When handled by a dedicated chip on the graphics card this can’t happen, ensuring a smooth gameplay experience.

ShadowPlay will have two modes: Shadow and Manual. Manual behaves like a VCR, just like any other capture software. Shadow will continuously record the last 20 minutes of gameplay into a temporary file at high-quality 1080p, and hitting a user-defined button with store it. So if you’ve ever pulled of an amazing stunt or kill streak before and wished you were recording that, now it’s possible to retroactively save those moments for later editing and uploading to Youtube.

Nvidia has also announced Twitch streaming support to arrive soon. Allowing streamers to have the benefit of ShadowPlay’s no-CPU footprint when streaming.

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Source: http://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2013/10/18/shadowplay/

News: First Rambo: The Video Game Gameplay Footage Released

RamboTheVideoGameFor those of you waiting to see what Reef Entertainment’s Rambo: The Video Game looks like, you’re in luck as they’ve released a gameplay trailer.

Reef Entertainment has release a trailer for the upcoming game which is based upon all three original Rambo movies, and to be fair, it doesn’t look that bad. O.K, it doesn’t look like it’s going to winning any Game of The Year awards, but die-hard fans of Sylvester Stallone’s iconic character will probably find the most to get excited about.

You can check out the explosive trailer in the video embedded below.

Like I said, it doesn’t look like it’s that bad, though games based on movies do have a tendency to be a bit naff. However, it will feature the authentic voice acting from the people who actually starred in the movies, albeit in the form of the original voice recordings from the movies, which makes more sense really if they’re going for the full-on authentic feel.

Rambo: The Video Game will be releasing sometime later this year for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. No word yet on a PS1 version.

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So what do you reckon? Another cheap movie-game? Or could it be the definitive Rambo experience? Let us know down in the comments section below.

TGC Review: Bioshock Infinite

bioblueBioshock Infinite is a fantastic game. Nothing more to it. It has a great cast of characters, fun gameplay, beautiful scenery, a fantastic, engaging story, and more. It’s the kind of game you could wait seven years for, and after you finish you could say it was worth the wait. This is the kind of sequel games deserve. A definite worthy follow up of the highest rated FPS of all time.

Irrational Games – a mix of former employees who made the first Bioshock – have somehow made this game believable. They’ve made a floating city above the clouds real. Columbia, heaven. The atmosphere, the scenery, the people, they’re all life like. They’re all… real. You have your average Joe buying a Hot Dog for his wife on one corner, you have a flock of birds gracefully gliding in another corner, then you have the Prophet’s oh-so biased propaganda being spewed in the next corner. Everything about this world feels polished, alive, genuine, and just plain phenomenal.

Not only that, but remember that dry character from the first Bioshock? Jack was his name? Yeah, your average silent protagonist who runs around shooting things and taking orders. Of course, the latter part of that was intentional, but that’s another story… Bioshock Infinite has you playing as someone new, someone you’re going to like. Booker DeWitt. A war veteran turned Pinkerton on a mission to bring them the girl and wipe away the debt.

 Booker is full of life, he talks to Elizabeth, he interacts with the world around him, and oh so much more. But he’s nothing to the perfectly crafted A.I. that is Elizabeth. Remember our concerns of an annoying A.I.? Well, have no fear, because Elizabeth is anything BUT annoying/useless. Elizabeth feels like a real human being. As you progress through the world, she interacts with the city of Columbia around her, often stopping to look for supplies for you, examine a plaque on a statue, or explore the environment. When in battle, she not only never gets in your way, but she actually takes cover and looks for supplies to protect herself and to give to you. Now that’s a woman.

"Promise me, Booker, you won't ever let him take me back!"
“Promise me, Booker, you won’t ever let him take me back!”

Elizabeth isn’t just there as a pretty face though, she plays a crucial role to the story and it’s development. As the story progresses, you notice Elizabeth’s change in emotion, from fear to hatred to guilt, it’s noticeable and well done. You really feel a connection with her. Just like the Big Daddies and the Little Sisters from the first Bioshock, I felt a need to protect her. The best thing about her is that her presence always adds something good and never takes away.

 Elizabeth and Booker aren’t the only characters I can praise though. The main “villain” in this game, is Zachary Hale Comstock, the man who essentially brought Columbia to be. He’s basically an Andrew Ryan. Zach isn’t the only villain here though, he as a sort-of accomplice. Songbird, a gigantic robo-bird assigned to protect Elizabeth from the “False Shepard” at all costs. He’s always lurking around, looking for Elizabeth, it creates a very ominous and effective atmosphere for the game.

 The enemies you will be fighting are well done, too. They’re varied, intelligent, and sometimes rather comical. You have your Patriot robots in the style of George Washington who are pretty much Big Daddies but don’t protect anyone. Then you have your Columbia police force who are smart enough to take cover often and use Skylines when appropriate. You have dropships swooping down on you, special types of enemies firing explosives at you, but it all adds to the experience and is relatively balanced in difficulty.

You have more than enough at your disposal to defend against them though. You’ve got your Vigors, basically Plasmids from the first game. These Vigors range from lifting someone up to laying down fiery traps and pulling enemies to their doom. It’s rather fun setting up traps like that, it made me feel maniacal in a way, but I liked it. Crazy? Yeah, pretty much. But these “Vigors” aren’t your only way at disposing of your foes… You have your guns that range from Rocket Launchers to Hand Cannons. You have Elizabeth are her convenient ability to open tears to aid you in the course of battle. You can ride the Skylines and rain fire down upon you foes, or you drop right onto them with your Sky-Hook thing and run around slice and dice style. There are many ways to go about a battle, and all are an experience on their own.

This game makes burning people alive too much fun.
This game makes burning people alive too much fun.

 The world you run around in is also drop dead phenomenal. Everything from the style of the buildings to the wonderful looking environment, it’s all beautifully crafted and you can tell Irrational has put a lot of effort into their masterpiece. While I played it on PC, apparently the console versions take a bit of a drop. While nothing too serious, a few NPC characters might feel a bit stiff and some textures a little bit iffy. Nothing to really worry about though, it won’t take away from the experience.

 It’s also because of this art style that makes Bioshock Infinite such a fantastic game. You can really see the emotion on Elizabeth’s face at times, you can hear the despair in Booker’s voice. When you walk around, you feel like you’re in a living, breathing world. A real one. People interact, they talk, they engage in casual conversation with one another. The places you visit are unique and relative to the story.

 But Bioshock’s greatest strength here is it’s story. The story of Elizabeth, Booker, Anna, Comstock, Robert and Rosalind Lutece. All characters you come to love, and the story takes just enough twists and turns at points to always keep you on the edge of your seat the entire ride. While the ending wasn’t as great as I was hoping, it was still a phenomenal journey and I would highly recommend you take it multiple times. The amount of content with trophies/achievements, voxophones telling you more stories, upgrades to buy, 1999 mode, side quests, and the (excuse the pun) infinite amount of meanings for the game, is all done fantastically. 


Buy this game.

Gameplay: Vigors, Skylines, Melee, Guns, everything is kept fresh with options to mess around with. Varied, intelligent enemies. Is just a little bit generic. 9.8/10

 Sound: Troy Baker as Booker is excellent, and Courtnee Draper as Elizabeth is mighty fine. The music is touching and chimes in at the right moments, and the sound effects are a nice touch. 10/10

Presentation: Relatively easy interface, had some trouble with only two slots for my Vigors to choose from, but the keyboard mapping option made it much easier to deal with. No manual saves made it sometimes a hassle to be forced to finish an area in order for it to autosave. 9/10

 Story: The best of the best. No doubt about that. Only matched by it’s predecessor. 10/10

 Graphics: Downright beautiful game. Everything from characters to environment, will make your jaw drop. 10/10

 Replay Value: You will want to play through this game again. A plethora of content to keep you coming back, well worth your 60 dollars. 10/10

Overall: 9.9/10

News: Action RPG Marvel Heroes launching June 4

Marvel HeroesGazillion Entertainment, the new studio helmed by the co-creator of Diablo and Diablo 2, David Brevik, has announced that the free-to-play MMO RPG Marvel Heroes will launch on PC on June 4.

The game, which is currently in closed beta is set to launch at a later date for Mac users, although no specific date has been revealed.

Access to the PC game is available on May 28 for those subscribed to the Marvel Heroes Founder Program which allows immediate access to the currently running closed beta.

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Can’t wait for the launch? Wishing for a date for the Mac launch? Let us know down in the comments section.

Bored? Need a read? then check out the articles below and enjoy your time-wasting at work even more!

Rumour: Mysterious Next-Xbox Logo Surfaces On Twitter

TGC Review: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

News: Ubisoft Unwittingly Reveals PlayStation 4 Game Prices

Source: GameSpot

Feature: How Hard Is It To Get Into PC Gaming?

how-hard-is-pc-gamingThere’s a clear divide between those who get their gaming fix on their home console, and those who play on a beefy PC. With the recent announcement of the PlayStation 4, fans from both sides have been clashing in a war of words over the advantages and disadvantages of gaming on home consoles and PC’s.

I’m going to be honest, I’m not a big PC gamer, never have been, never will be. I’ve always been drawn to the ease of access of the home consoles, from the old SEGA MegaDrive right up to this generation with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a bit of Wii on the side. Consoles are relatively cheap and don’t require a whole lot of technical knowledge.

That was up until a few months ago.

September just gone me and my partner upped sticks and moved to France for my partner to do her year abroad for University. I couldn’t take my beloved consoles with me, but I wasn’t too bothered as I had a PS Vita and Nintendo handheld, so I thought I’d be more than fine to get my gaming goodies on them. After a few weeks however, I got a little bored of the handheld, especially with the drought of PS Vita games, though Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation sucked some hours away, but it just wasn’t the same as the nice big adventures that sit on the consoles and PC.

In search of better gaming, we headed to the nearest big store that sold laptops at reasonable prices and plunked down the 400 Euros and away we went. Unfortunately, the laptop was a bit on the low-end of the scale. The guy at the supermarket assured me it had a good processor and would handle most modern games, but I was lucky to even get Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to run at medium settings. Here in lies the problem with making the switch from console to PC gaming. If you’re not a tech-buff, you’re basically going in blind and hoping for the best, where as with a console, you know it’s good, you know every game for the system works (well, most of them…) and you’ll never need to upgrade the hardware, unless you get the dreaded Red Light of Death or Yellow Light of Death, or just clumsily dropping it down the stairs (with my first PlayStation 3, I totally did just that, didn’t even get to power it on before it was buggered.)

So I put up with the laptop and explored some of the older offerings like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Call of Duty 2, Football Manager series, Command & Conquer, so on and so forth.

Just after Christmas, we made the move to Vienna, Austria for the second leg of the year abroad. Here my partner (Beth, it’s not like her name’s a secret) took up the position of Assistant English Teacher in a top school, earning a more than comfortable wage, which meant one thing: Shopping! (A la White Chicks.)

We set a limit, 500 Euros each on whatever we want. Naturally she went straight to the nearest clothing store and wasted money on something called ‘clothes’ whilst I mooched around a PC store looking for a laptop that might be worthy of the 21st century. Though we now had a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U in the flat (our flat mate is a student, so naturally he has all the consoles, but no food…) I had been bitten by the PC gaming bug, and I wanted more.

Initially, I found the controls for PC games a little awkward, understandable as I’d only known console controllers my entire life. I dabbled with using a controller, but a lot of games just don’t support gamepads, or just don’t feel the same as using a gamepad on a console, I don’t know why, but some just felt weird. So I stuck with the keyboard and mouse setup and within no time I was zipping around Los Santos without a care in the world, pulling off drive-by’s like a real gangsta. Tupac would have been proud.

So with that in mind, I had a look around the PC shop and tried to make sense of what processors did what, which graphics card was better than the others, but ultimately, I just ended up leaving the store empty-handed with 500 Euros stuck in my wallet. Again the problem of being misinformed reared its head, even the bearded man behind the counter couldn’t be sure which was the best for gaming but for less than 500 Euros. If even the shop worker doesn’t know what’s what, how the heck is the average Joe supposed to know what’s the best deal?

So on I went, bags full of these ‘clothes’ and began the trot home. When we finally got back to the warmth of the flat, I got on the laptop we already have and decided to do some snooping around Amazon for a laptop. Now, I know that there are some PC purists who consider gaming on a laptop to be paramount to high treason, but there’s no way I was going to shell out for a full gaming PC and monitor that I’ll have to ship back to Great Britain in the summer, so a laptop was the only choice.

After much searching on Amazon and copy & pasting different specs’ and laptop models into Google and Youtube, I finally settled on a laptop that I hoped would be good enough for me to get into some beefier games. Coming in at a whopping 407.99 Euros (including shipping!) I’d got myself an Acer, with a Core i3 2350 processor with a nVidia GeForce 610m graphics card, even got a nice little screen cleaning wipe for free. Happy days.

It took a lot of searching, comparing, asking on multiple forums and enduring the endless “just get a gaming PC rig, it’ll only cost like $1,500″ comments, I’d finally gotten a laptop that could play some great modern games at a good quality. Admittedly, I’m not going to be running Crysis 3 on highest graphics, but I can happily take on faceless foes in Black Ops 2, zip around Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV or feel like a big man by smashing Cardiff City with Barcelona in Fifa 13.

At the end of the day, I’m happy with my purchase but for the same price I could have gotten a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or Wii U with a few top games with change to spare to maybe get myself some of these mystical ‘clothes’ that the missus keeps banging on about. It took a long time to come decide on a computer, and even more time on researching the difference between the plethora of processors and graphics card’s available in today’s computers.

Ultimately, it was a hard experience and I’m thoroughly looking forward to returning home to Britain in the summer and getting my hands back on my neglected consoles, and I’m pretty confident that when it comes to buying into the next-generation of home consoles the research will be easier and I’ll not have to endure the nervous installation of a game and the first test-run to see how well it works.

For me, PC gaming is never going to be my primary source of fun, but it’s definitely possible to make the switch, just make sure you do your research and get some technical knowledge in your head before you put down some big money on what could be a dud.

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What do you do your gaming on? Have you made the switch form console to PC? Or maybe the other way around? Let us know how it went for you down in the comments section below.

TGC Review: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The-Walking-Dead-Survival-Instinct-logoThe Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a first-person shooter from Terminal Reality and publisher Activision, placing you in the rugged redneck boots of Daryl Dixon during the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse in a quest to re-unite Daryl with his older brother Merle Dixon.

The Walking Dead is hot property at the moment, so it comes as no surprise that Activision thought it would be a good idea to re-create the universe in the form of a first-person shooter. It’s not a bad idea either, in fact, it’s one of the better ideas that Activision has had in recent times, unfortunately the execution is less than stellar, with bland graphics, boring gameplay and a game that reeks of lazy cash-in, you’re better off avoiding The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is a prequel, set before the events of AMC’s The Walking Dead television show. Remember the golden rule about prequels being turds? We’ve recently had a couple of exceptions to the rule in the form of God of War: Ascension, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gears of War: Judgement, all fantastic games by their own merits, and all of them prequels to popular franchises. Survival Instinct does one thing right and that’s bringing balance back to the ‘prequels are turds’ rule. the-walking-dead-survival-instinct-dixon-brothers

To be fair, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct starts off promising, the eerie theme score from the television show rattles in and for a moment you’re tricked into thinking that you’re going to be in for a great time. Then the music stops and the charade is over, you soon realise that you’ve purchased a turd that the developers didn’t even bother to polish, not even a little bit.

Played from the first-person perspective, any Call of Duty player will be instantly familiar with the gameplay which borrows from the aforementioned franchise as well as 007: Goldeneye Reloaded for its stealth mechanics. The stealth mechanics are a joke, and to be brutally honest broken to the point where I can only describe it with a swear: shit. The gameplay is slow and repetitive, not helped by the non-existent story not being told.

The story not being told is Daryl trying to re-unite with his older redneck brother Merle whilst zombies walk the streets and generally just stink up the place. In order to get to Merle, you’re going to have to drive through a bunch of towns or mini-areas, though you don’t actually get to drive yourself which is a shame as this could have resulted in a decent bit of gameplay where you’d drive along the highway bashing walkers down, instead it’s a missed opportunity and is instead presented in map form, a bit like Indiana Jones but without any of the charm.

The-Walking-Dead-Survival-Instinct-ShotgunSo, you’re going along and darn it, you’re out of gas. Naturally, you’ll want to find more, so you check out the area you’re pushed into and start to look around for some supplies, whether it’s food, fuel or ammo, whilst all the time being among the undead who prowl the streets and alleyways. You can either go in all guns blazing and risk attracting groups of flesh rotters, or take the stealthy approach and pick off the lame-brains with your trusty knife or Daryl’s trademark crossbow. It sounds good right? Reading it back to myself even I’m thinking “damn that sounds interesting and fun,” but in reality, it’s a broken shambles. I know zombies are supposed to be stupid, but when you go up to a group and start stabbing or shooting, you at least expect some sort of reaction, at the very least a zombie attempting to have a nibble. Instead, you’re faced with stupid AI that doesn’t respond to your gameplay choices, it seems random. Sometimes you’ll be able to walk up to 3-4 walkers and not get noticed until you are able to see the poorly rendered teeth of the undead, other times you’ll be going all out Splinter Cell: Redneck Edition and alert the horde even when you can’t see them! To put it simply, the best way to go about your business is to do as Activision intended: Call of Duty it. By that I mean just go in with a gun and pick off the undead with hot lead. This works with Call of Duty because the enemies can shoot back, providing an incentive to take care, however, in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct the enemies are slow moving targets that can be done away with pretty quick thanks to the unresponsive AI.

This is pretty much how The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct goes on for the short 5-6 hours it takes to finish the ‘story.’ The gameplay can be extended by enlisting the help of other survivors that you’ll encounter on your travels to different towns, different towns that look exactly the same that is, but ultimately there’s no point in using the people you meet. They’re pointless and it’s usually quicker to just go and fetch whatever it is you need by yourself, all the while blazing through a la Call of Duty, then moving on to the next familiar locale. walking-dead-survival-instinct-crossbow

Rinse and repeat, and that’s the Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.


The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct could have been fantastic, it could have been so much more, but unfortunately it’s nothing more than a shameless cash-in on a popular license. Lacking any kind of visuals to keep you interested, a story that isn’t really a story and repetitive gameplay across repetitive locations and you’ve got yourself a stinking, steaming pile of rotting zombie crap. Once again, Activision have taken a beloved franchise and bastardised, raped and ruined it, just to make a quick buck.

Story: If it’s a thrilling, dramatic and emotional tale you’re looking for then look again because there’s nothing here that hasn’t been done before, or done quite so badly. 1.0

Gameplay: Boring, repetitive and broken. Nothing more than a rushed cash-in. Basically Call of Zombies: Redneck Ops. 2.0

Graphics: By todays standards, they’re rubbish. Even Aliens: Colonial Marines looks good in comparison. Characters look like plastic moulds and zombies come in about 7 variations. Visual fidelity wasn’t a high priority, obviously. 4.0

Sound: The highlight is the voice acting, with Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker providing the voices for their in-game character. The familiar theme music is also top-notch, but seeing as neither of these are original creations from the developers or Activision, they don’t deserve the credit, instead they sit beside the bland and repetitive sound design. Bland and repetitive is a recurring theme with this one… 3.5

Replay Value:  There are Trophies and Achievements to get, but that requires playing through maybe one or two more times, something you’ll not want to do unless you’re in the mood for some digital self harm, in which case, The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will do you fine. 1.0

Final Score: 2.3/10 – Please, please, please, please, please do not waste your time. If you really want to take on the zombies, rent it, or borrow if off one of your lesser informed friends. Otherwise, check out Telltales’ The Walking Dead for the story and the Left 4 Dead series for proper first-person zombie slaying. Shame on you Activision, shame on you.

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Release Date: March 19th 2013

Publisher: Activision

Developer: Terminal Reality

Genre: First-Person Shooter/Action/Adventure

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC

Version Tested: Xbox 360

Review copy bought at retail by the reviewer.

News: Massive Aliens: Colonial Marines PC Patch, 3.8GB Download

aliens-colonial-marines-patchAliens: Colonial Marines got slaughtered on release, and for good reason. The game was a mess and was nothing short of daylight robbery. The demo shown off a few months prior to release wasn’t representative of the final product so understandably fans felt cheated and betrayed by Gearbox and Sega. (Read our review here.)

Now it seems they’re at least trying to make amends for the poor offering with a new patch for the PC version of Aliens: Colonial Marines. Word of warning though, the patch comes in at a mammoth 3.8GB download, so basically it’s the missing half of the original game.

Check out the full patch notes below:


  • Improved texture resolution.
  • Various visual improvements.
  • Added mouse smoothing to options menu.
  • Fixed crashes tied to launch and motion tracker.
  • Added additional safeguards to better protect save data.
  • Resolved an issue where a player’s level could sometimes appear incorrect when backing out of a party.
  • Addressed several scenarios under which players could spawn without a weapon.
  • Changes to better prevent audio from sometimes cutting out during end of mission cinematics.
  • Fixed issue where Xeno death animation was not properly calculating momentum of the killing blow.
  • Smart Gun animation now properly tracks targets.
  • Addressed some instances where Xenos would display erratic animations.
  • Increased light radius for player’s shoulder lamp.
  • Adjusted aim assist to better reflect player input.
  • Addressed an issue that could sometimes cause co-op player revival to not work under certain circumstances.
  • Addressed issues with players not spawning into a level properly.
  • Fixed a marine player invincibility exploit.
  • Resolved several instances where players could walk or fall outside of maps.
  • Addressed an issue where Ripley’s Flamethrower (bonus content) would sometimes fire continuously without player input.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause localized text to sometimes display incorrectly.
  • Addressed an issue where weapon ammunition was not always highlighted properly.
  • General user interface improvements.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Tweaked enemy and friendly AI to be more aggressive and responsive.
  • Modified campaign difficulty to account for improved AI responsiveness.
  • Improved enemy collision detection regarding doors and Power Loader.
  • Addressed some issues that could cause improper warping for co-op players.
  • Various tweaks to address instances where NPC characters would not always properly navigate to objectives.
  • Players will no longer bleed out immediately when downed in a Power Loader.


  • Fixed issues that could cause clients to report inaccurate results and statistics.
  • Addressed instances where a map would appear to “pop in” when loading into a new match.
  • New Xeno appearance customization added.
  • Multiplayer teams should now correctly auto-balance between rounds.
  • Increased duration of Lurker Pounce Challenge “Cat-Like Reflexes” from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Fixed issue where certain multiplayer challenges would not unlock properly for all characters.
  • Crusher pick-ups now correctly appear as highlighted for clients.

That’s a lot of patching, but whether the huge patch actually improves on Aliens: Colonial Marines is another thing entirely.

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What do you reckon? Too little, too late? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Source: Sega

News: Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey Reaches Kickstarter Goal, Misses Out On iOS & Android Port

dreamfall-chapters-the-longest-journeyDreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey has reached its initial goal of $850,000, in fact it went well above and beyond the original goal settling on $1,538,425, almost double the amount needed.

A mobile version of the game was planned if the developers, Red Thread Games, managed to accumulate $1,750,000 but unfortunately they just fell short, so the iOS and Android versions aren’t set in stone.

As well as a mobile adaptation of Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey, the developers goal for another title, The Longest Journey Home, was also missed as it required $2,000,000 in funding.

Still, if Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey manages to sell well enough, maybe Red Thread Games will consider putting some of the profits into the planned next game and the iOS and Android versions. We’ve emailed Red Thread Games to see if this is a possibility and will update if/when we get a reply.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey is set to release in November 2014 for the PC, Linux and Mac platforms, though there is always the possibility of a port to the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox if the demand is there, so demand!

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Did you back Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey? Would you be happy to see an iOS and Android version in the future? Let us know down in the comments section below.

Source: Kickstarter

Feature: SimCity is Coming!

SimsCity thumbnailWhat many are calling one of the most anticipated games of 2013, the new PC/MAC SimCity game is due for release on March 8th in UK (US gets it a little earlier on 5th). With just over a week to go, are we excited? Hell yeah!

I’ve always been a big fan of simulation games, particularly the SimCity series. I spent much of my childhood building people, cities and entire worlds, generally just to find various and entertaining ways of destroying them – I was like the modern, and slightly less violent, equivalent of a kid with a magnifying glass and an ant hill.

So as you can imagine, the news that a new version of one of my old favourites was coming out filled me with joy. So here’s a few features of the new game that are bound to have you just as excited…

The graphics have been updated to 3D, meaning it’ll be more like looking at an actual city rather at a map of one.

Buildings are going to be highly customisable, with what are referred to on the official website as “ploppables” (very satisfying word to say out loud, I suggest you try it immediately), which are buildings you can customise with extra rooms. It is now also possible to control multiple cities in a region, the aim being to make them all work together. Players will also be able to give specialisations to cities, for example making them focused on tourism.

A simulated global economy dictates prices of resources, some of which will be renewable and others finite. I like how much this reflects reality, which is, after all, what a simulation should aim for – although I do hope attacking aliens is still a feature!

An exciting addition to this game is the new opportunity to play online, meaning you can play with, or even against, your friends plus there will be regular updates giving the player new challenges, items and other cool stuff!

I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this. How about you guys? What features are exciting you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: Official SimCity website

News: Diablo III: No Cross-Play?

diablo3Gamers looking to play the upcoming console version of Diablo III have been forewarned by Blizzard that there will be no function available that will allow for users to play with their PC comrades. As well as this users were warned that the console version of Diablo III would not support a USB mouse or keyboard.

This news was shared within the Blizzard forums by the Community Manager Vaeflare who stated that:

“While we think cross-platform play would be awesome, there are currently no plans to allow connectivity between PlayStation Network and Battle.net (this is pretty standard for most games that have PC and console support). As a result, the characters on your Battle.net account and PlayStation account will also remain separate.”

Following this he added:

“In terms of allowing an analog controller hookup for the PC, we don’t have any plans for that kind of support right now. Similarly, since Diablo III for console was designed with a controller in mind, the PlayStation version of Diablo III will not support USB mice or keyboards.”

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With No Cross-Play function do you see that deterring you from playing Diablo on a console? How do you feel about the Playstation version not supporting USB mice or keyboards? Let us know down in the comments section

Source: Blizzard Forum

News: Tomb Raider PC System Requirements

new-tomb-raider_320wHave you been wondering whether your PC will be able to run Square Enix’s upcoming Tomb Raider? Well the official system requirements have been released by the company and to be honest, they don’t seem too demanding.

Tomb Raider will feature support for Big Picture Mode, high-resolution textures and Steamworks in addition to having been heavily optimised for PC play. So if you have your PC set up with your nice big HDTV, you’ll be able to enjoy the same experience as those who purchase the game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the minimum and recommended requirements below:

Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista,7,8 (32bit/64bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphics card with 512Mb Video RAM: AMD Radeon HD 2600 XT, nVidia 8600
  • Dual core CPU: AMD Athlon64 X2 2.1 Ghz (4050+), Intel Core2 Duo 1.86 Ghz (E6300)
  • 1GB Memory (2GB on Vista)

Recommended System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • DirectX 11 graphics card with 1GB Video RAM: AMD Radeon HD 4870, nVidia GTX 480
  • Quad core CPU: AMD Phenom II X2 565, Intel Core i5-750
  • 4GB Memory

The minimum requirements are pretty handy if you like to game on your laptop, with most medium range laptops being well within the limits, and you may even be able to push for the higher settings with a few tweaks here and there. All in all, it shouldn’t be too much of a strain on mid-range PC’s and laptops, but obviously for the best experience you’ll want to be at least hitting the recommended specs.

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Will you be getting Tomb Raider on the PC? Or will you be buying it for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360? Let us know down in the comments section below.