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Bargain Alert: Tomb Raider Survival Edition, Only £16.95

tomb-raider-bowIf you’ve yet to play a part in Lara Croft’s epic adventure in this years Tomb Raider, you’ve now got no excuse with this amazing offer running with The Game Collection.

For just £16.95 you can get your grubby


News: Square Enix Trademarks Lara Croft: Reflections

tomb-raider-lara-croft-reflectionsA new trademark has been filed by publisher Square Enix, trademarking the title Lara Croft: Reflections.

The revelation comes thanks to AllGamesBeta who spotted the trademark, which could point to a number of things. It may be the title of …


News: Tomb Raider Reboot Sales Surpass 1 Million

tomb-raider-bowCrystal Dynamics’ reinvention of the Tomb Raider franchise has come off better than most expected, with the title having sold over 1 million copies in just 48 hours.

The latest Tomb Raider adventure takes you to Lara Croft’s roots in …


News: New Tomb Raider Movie To Keep Close To Tomb Raider Reboot Game

tomb-raider-reboot-moviewThere’s a new Tomb Raider movie in the works, and interestingly it looks like the movie will stick close the recent Tomb Raider reboot that released this month.

The developers of the recently released Tomb Raider are working in close …


News: Tomb Raider PC System Requirements

new-tomb-raider_320wHave you been wondering whether your PC will be able to run Square Enix’s upcoming Tomb Raider? Well the official system requirements have been released by the company and to be honest, they don’t seem too demanding.

Tomb Raider


News: No Demo For Tomb Raider Reboot

new-tomb-raider_320wIf you like to try before you buy, you’re not going to be best pleased with this latest bit of news concerning Lara Croft and her latest outing in the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, simply titled, Tomb Raider


Tomb Raider Multiplayer Announced


Square Enix’s upcoming Tomb Raider game will feature Mulitplayer, confirmed Crystal Dynamics Global Brand Director Karl Stewart today via Twitter.


No other details were given, only that the upcoming issue of Official Xbox Magazine will have details on “new …


News: Tomb Raider Will Have Multiplayer Mode


Lara Croft’s highly anticipated return in the upcoming Tomb Raider will be bringing with it a new feature to the series, multiplayer!

According to Official Xbox Magazine, their next issue will feature some new information on the well-kept …


Feature: Top 15 Most Anticipated Games For 2013

We all most likely have at least one game which we’re looking forward to in for 2013. Whether it be The Last of Us, Gears of War, or the Tomb Raider reboot, there’s no doubt that 2013 will …

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