Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 is Free, but Not in Ireland

We here at The Games Cabin love ourselves a good bargain, so when we heard that Tales from the Borderlands-Zer0 Sum (aka-Episode 1) was free we jumped on the opportunity! Only to be let down, you see if you’re an Xbox 360 or One owner living in the US or Europe you’ll be entitled to snap up the first episode for no cash at all, in fact even PlayStation owners in the US are able to get it for free. We here at the Irish regiment of The Games Cabin wasted no time then, we logged into PSN and went straight to Episode 1 and realised we were still being charged €4.99, we’ll include a heart-breaking screenshot from an Irish PS4 below.


Anyway Xbox, Android, and iOS owners everywhere, and PlayStation owners in the US, should go and try the first episode out while it’s free. If you’re from a different part of the world and also can’t get the episode for free let us know where you’re from and what console you’re using in the comments below.

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