The Division Gets a New Promo Site to Scare You Away From Your Piss-Sodden, Crack-Ridden, Infected Money

Ubisoft has launched a new promotional website for its upcoming third-person shooter, The Division. The game takes place in a desolate New York that has been ravaged by a virus of sorts. Not much is publicly known about the story, but the basic gist is that people are sick because bad germs have been spread. Or something like that.

The new site is a bit of an odd one. It asks you to analyse one of your bank notes to determine what nasties are present. You input the value of your bank note, the first letter of the serial number, then the four numbers that follow it. The site then, as if by magic, tells you where your note was produced, how much piss is on it, how much cocaine has been sniffed through it, and a handful of other facts that we’re not so sure are completely accurate.

Your host here gave it a go with a five euro note and these are the results:

Banknote Printing Location: Somewhere in France

Distance Travelled: 2697km

Traces of Marijuana: Low

Traces of Urine: High

Traces of Cocaine: Average

Lifespan: 13 Months

Helicobacter Pilori: Low

Staphylococcus Aureus: Average

Bacteria Detected: 25, 052

As this particular bank note has been in this writer’s wallet since New Years Eve, those results aren’t quite accurate… But they’re pretty darn close. Give it a go yourself and see what your bank note’s history reveals.