Transformers: Devastation Xbox One Game Page Goes Live; Dated for October Release by Amazon

Platinum Games’ next title was revealed a little earlier this month and, much to everyone’s surprise, the next big game to come from the studio is Transformers: Devastation. We certainly didn’t see that one coming at the time, but given Platinum’s past work history, we’re quietly confident that its take on the Transformers property will be bloody good fun – so long as it isn’t being rushed out to appease the game’s publisher, Activision.

At the moment the game has no solid release date attached, though seems to know a little more than us lot. The online retailer has recently updated the Transformers: Devastation product page to reflect an October 6th release date. Considering that the game is officially set to release “fall 2015” (Autumn for non-North America folks,) the release date of October 6th doesn’t seem that unruly as it falls on a Tuesday – the standard release day for most games these days. (Read here why games release on a Tuesday.)

We’re not taking this as confirmation, but Amazon is usually pretty much spot-on when it starts dealing in specific dates.

Over on the Xbox One marketplace, the game has its official game page along with a short description and a few screenshots from the game itself. If you already know you’ll be going digital, it might be worth bookmarking the page to keep up with any developments. Or, you know, check back in with us and we’ll deliver the latest news to you with a sprinkling of crap jokes – just sayin’.

Transformers: Devastation will be releasing sometime later this year (£50 says Amazon is correct) on the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.