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Uh-Oh, The Witcher 3 on PS4/Xbox One/PC Has a Few Nasty Game-Crashing Bugs

The Witcher 3 has been a long time coming and, despite all the outcry from fans over the whole “downgrading” debacle, early impressions from players is overwhelmingly positive.

That being said, not everyone is having a great time with CD Projekt’s open-world epic adventure. Even with a day-one patch some players are reporting game-crashing bugs.

One such bug is a seemingly endless load screen after the cinematic intro to the game. Players are reporting that after the first cinematic cut-scene plays they’re taken to a loading screen that doesn’t seem to have an end, causing players to have to reboot the game, but even then the problem persists.

Some are reporting success with deleting the game from their console, turning the console off, then re-installing the game.

Many players are having problems with playing Gwent, in that when it comes to their turn and they’re prompted to press the triangle button, the game doesn’t respond or it just flat-out crashes. Unfortunately the community hasn’t been able to offer a decent workaround for this one, but most are reporting that persistence is key and that it’s just a matter of trying again, again and again. You can see how this would be a bit of a pain in the neck for players as rebooting the console, loading the game up again and going back to where you were all take time and patience, something gamers aren’t best-known for…

Then there’s this tutorial bug which hinders the progress of players.

The PC version hasn’t had an easy release either with players using top-end gaming rigs complaining of poor optimisation and frequent gameplay stutters, crashes, frame rate issues and graphical anomalies, even after applying the latest patches and applicable drivers.

It’s unfortunate, but to be fair, it’s a little expected. No game seems to ship in a completely perfect fashion and thankfully CD Projekt seem to be quite fond of their community so it’s only a matter of time before fixes are pushed out across all platforms. Or they could just take the money and run, but that seems unlikely.

As horrible as the above may all sound, at least they actually got their game, unlike one poster on Reddit who seems to have been a little short-changed.

Instead of receiving the game and the extra bonus disc, this guy claims his copy was sold to him without the game disc. Poor bugger.

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  • gab

    my withcer cant even pass the title screen -.-
    I have the “please wait” loading text …..

    • gab


      • aarones

        Me to.

        • Dylan Harris

          You guys, delete your cache in your system settings. Then try loading the game again. Worked for me. Good luck. Only played a couple hours and I’m already hooked.

          • Aaron Thompson Stevens

            I’ve done all this and still not working starting to get really annoyed now

        • aarones

          Mine is working now. Didn’t really do any of this stuff. I simply shut down the Xbox completely, then loaded up a different game (I’m not sure how the machine caches game state). This didn’t work the first time, but it did on the second… so ya – hopefully this problem will just resolve itself for most people.

  • Rob_Prime

    You need to delete all the install data and re-install the game and patch it. I had the same issue and this solution worked for me!

    • Dylan Harris

      First thing I thought of doing and it fixed the loading for me too. Xbox one owner here.

    • DLConspiracy//

      Is this for the PC version?

  • XanderZane41

    Did you guys update with the patch. I was told not to install the patch yet, until they fixed all these issues.

  • You Are Flat Out Wrong’s Mommy

    No surprises here. More non – gaming peasants on the PC with their rubbish, overhyped graphics cards that always underdeliver. Stupid PC peasants holding gaming back and dragging down REAL gamers on the consoles with buggy, broken games.

    How pathetic, unwashed PC masses really are the worst losers of society. :>

    • Norbert Nagy

      That is a little bit insulting, dont you think ? I have both PS 4 and PC. I wonder when u re gonna see games in 4k on PS 4… Its not the consols fault that the guys who made the game fucked up…

      • Mark Jones

        you realise that every major game has its issues on release, its impossible to sort them all before marketing but when they are fixed the game will run smoothly, plus there is 16 dlcs to come out, all free

        do you remember when gta 5 was released, now that was a clusterfuck

  • Luke Ripping Robbins

    Downloaded digital copy on Xboxone. Played fine until I got just outside Yemen. I died and the game wouldn’t load. Switched off, tried to go back in, stuck on loading screen. Uninstalled game, reinstalled game, same thing. Now the game won’t even uninstall and neither will my other games. What am I supposed to do now? It’s just not good enough. Why don’t developers pretty much finish coding a game and spend the “hype period” ironing out the bugs? Because having us look forward to release date, spending our hard earned cash, then letting us down is just shit. Anyone got any ideas with my uninstalling problem?

    • Saprotroph

      Sounds like you have machine problems. I had a PS3 act similarly and shortly the hard drive died.

  • Dan Hinchcliffe

    I’ve had a problem actually getting the game running on PS4, installs just fine but disc cannot be read. Have to log out of psn, restart the console and get the game running before I can sign in. Some days it doesn’t have this problem at all. Managed to find a workaround but I’d rather not have to do this to play my game.

  • Saprotroph

    It is odd how that games for the PS4 and Xbox One have so many issues. Sometimes I get the impression that both machines are being pushed beyond what they are capable of.

    Except for a few framrate dips and some clipping, I have had no issues with running Witcher 3 on the Xbox One.

  • Mark Jones

    i have it on ps4, got a day release from grainger games and had absolutely no issues, the loading screens take about 45 seconds on the ps4 but its playable, eventually

  • Daniel Stapleton

    just recently my witcher 3 pc game just vanished and now I cant play it and have to cd reinstall it how god damn annoying