GTA V Not Coming To PC?

PC gamers, I think it’s time you bite the bullet and get yourselves a console if you don’t already own one.

It’s hard to have to stare the obvious facts in the face and not say anything. Face it, most of us who play games on our PC/laptop have been keeping an eye out for any news on the PC version of Rockstar’s latest rendition of Grand Theft Auto and all we’ve had is zilch.

The same happened with Red Dead Redemption, a title that was massive on the consoles but missed out on getting a release on PC, disappointing many fans of the company.

We’ve seen numerous promotional posters and game box sleeves, all of which refer to the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game. With GTA V set to release in just a few months, surely some word on the game would have gotten out? To build up the hype for two consoles but leave the PC crowd out in the cold just doesn’t seem like something R* would willingly do to their devoted fans, unless of course the game isn’t coming to the PC platform.

We already know that a great deal of developers and publishers alike don’t fully support PC gaming, there are those that embrace it, but more and more are finding it harder to turn a profit with putting their titles out on the platform most commonly used for piracy. It’s true, PC gaming is in decline due to the piracy that has ravaged sales. Just go onto any popular torrent site and search for any of the top ten game and you will find they are being downloaded by millions.

So we have to ask ourselves, would we put out a product that has taken years to produce and has cost millions to get out there just to have it stolen by people who refuse to pay? I think I can answer for all of us, no. So why would R*? They’re a company that has to make money, and to be fair they are probably the best gaming company out there today. They spend years perfecting their products and it shows, they don’t try to squeeze the consumer with extortionate DLC but instead provide compelling, re-playable expansions to their already fantastic offerings. They treat us pretty well and actually respect their fans.

It’s hard to say, but I actually don’t blame them for not supporting the PC, it’s just not fair to them, not just as a company but the individuals who have spent so much of their time to bring us a product that will get stolen by the shedload.

  • Peter Piper

    Seem logical that R* would just say it wasn’t coming if that’s the case. Why be coy about it.

  • bollocks

    If gta v doesn’t come out on PC then fuck rockstar and fuck consoles. I own a 360 but do not use it to play games on any more as it is inferior to my PC

  • Manuel

    XBox360 games can get stolen too! DVD-Drive Firmwareflashing makes it
    possible! Every few months millions of consoles get bannend from the
    Xbox Live Marketplace by microsoft for Hardware Modifications like this.
    So it’s not an argument, otherwise it would have just come out for the PS3. Because you can not copy PS3 games that easily!
    I bet it come out in a few months, just like Max Payne do !!
    But I’m going to buy an Xbox anyway, because I simply can not wait! 😉

    • Brent Schlaeppi

      do yourself a favor get a ps3… xbox is pure dogshit and costs 60 bucks a year for online.. ps3 is free online..

      • Damon

        ps3 online is free for a reason.

        • Bartlomiej Rozycki

          xbox is obviously 10 times better (i would say endless but its no point of that HOW much right now) and you pay for quality not for something what must be free because of its lacks compare to market leader and obvious winner. anyway: i own both but PS3 only use for blu-ray movies and only when ucharted comes out. nothing else at all. i play on my xbox for 5 years and my consol never crash or froze.. i know people moan about xbox because its hype on doing this on that and Your cool if You do it and You sucks if you doesn’t. i got my life and i know whats good or not and i don’t personally give a shit on peoples bullshit and i use whats best in market to fill my life with top things to get on with them. don’t spend time on worst service when i can get better one sometimes (mostly) more costly for that as well.
          i give not specific example right now of xbox but about everything. and now back to topic i use xbox because of its features compare to ps3.. and this ancient bulls.. superior power that have never been released yet by any game dev.. what a piece of … lie.. to holds people believe on that and hold them like that to their console..! i mean – REALLY? oh maaaan.. i don’s say PS3 is crap! NO! its good. but only good. now even xbox have internet browser so ps3 lost his most important, last “exclusive” feature on this battle..
          i was biggest fan of PlayStation in this world but with development of current consols software, what they are able to do etc i choose the winner. IMO and deal with it (and like ‘few’ millions of people around the world which can think properly and see properly) :) God Bless You All

          • ck1984

            You dont pay for shit with xbox live pc internet is FREE its superior to xbox live (bf3 24 player consoles pc 64 playe, arma2 ive seen 128 player games). The other side of the argument is your paying for your account storage to that I add steam don’t charge for the exact same thing. And the last argument Ive heard (also the dumbest) is your paying for the extra features you get with xbox live gold like facebook (yea a friend actually tried to justify paying for xbox live by saying its for facebook -_-), LoveFilm (which you already paid for….funny how we dont pay extra for it on pc and it runs faster imho on pc) etc etc. So question is what exactly is it xbox live pays for because ive really looked into it and there is sod all tbh the only game I know of that uses servers on consoles is bf3 and those servers belong to EA not microsoft (EA rent them out is how I know before you ask) the rest uses someones xbox as the host and the others connect to it which is why when the host rage quits your dumped into a loading screen whilst the next best host is found.

      • Bartlomiej Rozycki

        lie. ;] so common fanboy lie. ;] so sad.. very sad.

      • Lee Collins

        do yourself a favour and get a PC. I just bought Black Ops 2 on PC and wouldn’t have it any other way. Most cracked games don’t work onliune anyway so they are talking shit

  • Anon

    R* are in the unique position of having a dedicated R&D dev team for maintaining their RAGE engine and it’s associated tools. As such, it’s certainly not far-fetched to suggest that R* might have already long begun it’s march towards ‘next-gen’ capabilities; heavy parallelism, gpgpu-esque jobs, dx11-level features. That coupled with the fact that other R* teams around the world will be earlier into their respective dev cycles suggests to me they’d have to be developing and using a next-gen code-base already. With that being the case, and with GTAIV having been released on pc and to a healthy modding community, I still see a possibliity for GTAV on pc. It’s not unheard of for pc releases to come after console release, typically because of pipeline changes being too much of a pain to work with, but also no doubt coming from financial prospects influencing platform development priorities.

    I’m still holding out hope on not just a release in the weeks/months after the console release, but also that R* may want to demo their next-gen tech on a platform ideally suited to show it off. That is, unless the pc community is a truly low priority to them, or their next-gen RAGE tech is being saved for the next-gen consoles.

  • Soul

    I call Bullshit on that “We make no money of PC because Piracy” People are buying games now more than ever thanks to the support from devs. They’ll just fuck everything up.

    • Luke James

      Lolno. Game sales are on a decade (since 2000) low generally, and considering how PC Sales have always been low, this means there are even less PC sales. And lets be real here, a short look at the pirate bay and we already have atleast a million people seeding games. Now, do the math. 1’000’000 x 60. Yeah, even if its not true – thats how game companies do the math.

      • NR. 8

        Well your wrong in thinking that people that downloaded a game would buy it if they could not download it. And some people try it out and then buy it. Its not like you can’t download games for consoles, but nobody cares about that. Its just an excuse… PC is a smaller market and makes less profit. And making a game for PC is more work i reckon. And PC guys are not easy to please. So why bother

      • Donzacuceron

        Fail, you do know EA made more money out of PC sales last quarter . Minecraft made more money on the PC than the 360 too and since the almighty Gabe Newell made steam PC sales are through the roof get real Luke.

  • lierox90

    lamest excuse ever……., piracy is the best marketing tool ever created by men, more and more games r being bought thanks to piracy, coz when a person have a chance to expirience what certain product offers, she/he will suppor creators.

    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      It goes two ways. Of course there are those who will pirate the game because there’s no demo available (something happening more and more) and some of those will go on to purchase the game. But there’s also those who will pirate the game and give nothing back to the developer.

    • Bartlomiej Rozycki

      do You really believe in that what You just said? really? cause me and millions of rational thinking people doesn’t

  • McRinY

    All ‘big’ companies got big thanks to pc, so it is disappointing to find out that they don’t really care about this community anymore. They haven’t confirmed anything, but indeed RDR had no release on pc(just like other games like Heavy Rain).
    There still is a chance that R* will release GTA V on pc like they did with GTA IV, but I can’t appreciate that. Just as Ubisoft is doing with Assassins Creed, giving pc-gamers a game that is half a year old. I pre-ordered AC 2, but cancelled after hearing the later release date for pc, it’s bullsh1t in my opinion.

    Let’s hope R* hasn’t forgotten their first audience (pc-gamers) and give us a nice game on a normal release date. About piracy; if your game is worth paying for, people will pay for it… simple as that. Don’t waste money on building anti-hack software, since hackers will eventually crack it(even if it takes them a few weeks, they will). ‘Gamers’ that are not going to buy it, won’t go to the store when there isn’t a cracked version.

    <3 R*, so just give us, the pc-community, GTA V! 😀

  • Kaito

    That is a shame, mainly because every system can be hacked a play pirated games but oh well we can’t tell them what to do… I was looking forward to mods.

  • Nicolás Cavanna

    Say that to my $5000 Steam account.

    • Brent Schlaeppi

      i have 2.. 1 is as you said about 5k and one is about 1k… lol

  • Jakub Hazucha

    this is some serious bullsh*t. modding community is essential for GTA, and you can find it only on PC. also big titles like this always earn on PC, just because they do. RDR was exception, because even R* didnt thought its gonna be succesfull. it was just an experiment. moreover, they will have later income on PC from steam sales and so.

  • Reality

    HAHA no. GTA4 was a terrible port. GTA5 would’ve been just as bad. Nothing of value lost, Saint’s Row is better.

    • ChrisTheGamesCabin

      To be fair, GTA IV for the PC was a terrible mess when it was first released. Just head over to amazon and check out the user reviews.

  • Vader620

    Shame people have to pirate games and pretend its fine lol. Also love morons who thinki its harmless or a good thing. I guess pirates back in the day were fine, along with Somali pirates off the African coast too.

  • Erik Vasquez

    this is bs, just look at steam sales

  • bloop

    I love how the game still has half a year to come out. I’m pretty sure some people posted some “news” about GTA IV on how it wasn’t going to come out for PC too..

  • BroER

    The problem is that although I am not supporting piracy at all, it makes no change. I own more than 100 of games legaly. Some of them in collectors edition (which are pretty expensive). It is my hobby and I am willing to pay for it.
    I love GTA series and I cant wait for the 5th part. I would buy it.
    It is sad that publishers logic is working like this… :(

  • Brent Schlaeppi

    this is total bull… if they would invest in something more than a client side mp then maybe the pc community (who usually is based entirely on mp gaming) will put out more money to purchase the game.. as of now we all know there are ways to protect against piracy for online (r* social club) but when the major draw of the entire franchise is SP, you can bypass the online checking of keys and just play the sp.. this is rockstars fault for not doing enough to draw people into the purchase.. laggy mp games and empty lobbys is not a way to get sales when the community is predominately wanting full lobbies and lagless games.. need i point out as well that no one sings high songs of praise for rockstars mp on the consoles either… this is the real issue with gta at all.. dedicated servers would increase rockstars sales on the pcs by 10x..

  • Tribesman

    It is going to be like LA Noire. Release on PC a number of months after console. Until R* says otherwise, I am going to wait patiently for my PC copy.

  • Disappointed

    If this is the case, they’re in for a rude awakening come next gen. It’s pretty much a given that next gen consoles will be pc based and pc based architecture is significantly easier to pirate than what’s out now. That’s going to be the big issue next gen, piracy.

  • Jason Himes

    People Who pirate games were most likely never going to buy them anyway…Millions of people are willing to throw money at these companies that decide not to port to PC. I guess they don’t want my moneys.

  • Krishna N Sujayendra

    Bullshit, Every GTA game has seen the release on PC months after the console version, we don’t even know whats going on with Rockstar, maybe they’ll port it after the console version is released, and here you are, some kinda ‘Journalist’ claiming it’ll never come on PC. I swear to god, the quality of writers these days…

    • Karthikeyan Ganesh

      Exactly… this guy writes as if he has seen or heard that the pc version is not gonna happen for ever :/ cheeezzzzzzz

  • Alex Masson

    If Rockstar where to release it to pc using Steamworks drm & VAC As there ONLY Source of pc Release, Piracy Levels Would be non existent. I cant Remember the Last time i saw a Steam rip. They could also do a “Illegal Copy’s Will Degrade” type thing which has proven effective in the past for other games such as Arma2

  • AngryPCFan

    Instead of biting the bullet and buying a console, i think i’d rather just screw Rockstar. Those asswipes need to realize that their major fanbase for GTA come from the PC gamers. It’s where they started. And if they can’t remain loyal to us, they can all go fuck themselves. Because even though most of us have a console, we won’t be playing GTA V. And trust me, knowing Rockstars quality of games lately, we aren’t going to be missing all that much.

  • TMc51

    This further cements me pirating it now. I would have gladly bought it for PC, but now I guess I’ll be buying a PS3, and modding it to run downloaded games just out of spite for Cockstar.

  • AW8

    Nice trolling attempt.


  • Pikachuisbestpokemon

    not coming to pc cuz pc pirating? LOL Well, then I’ll playit on a ps3 emulator or xbox 360emulator, I don’t care.

    • TheJmJ

      :O You….You did people’s days happier!

  • TheJmJ

    … There are ways to pirate games to Xbox or PS3… So it’s really bad way to stop doing Piratism. Hoah….

  • Danny

    Rockstar would be making a huge mistake by not bringing it to the PC, and they are fully aware of that. It’ll come, we’ll just have to wait (clearly whoever wrote this forgot that GTA4 came out on PC about 8 months after the console versions)

    “[…] We are currently focusing on the console releases for the time being […]”

  • Copperdeck

    I can say only this: Rockstar f**k you for this decision.

  • Angry PaCman

    Oh because none can pirate console games. (Morons)

  • Robert Wolf

    So we have to ask ourselves, would we put out a product that has taken years to produce and has cost millions to get out there just to have it stolen by people who refuse to pay?

    And what about cracked xbox360? You can just download gta 5, put it on a disc and then play it with you cracked xbox360

  • Silver Hawk

    black ops2 console pirated version came first on torrent.bullshit console pc rocks

  • Silver Hawk

    infinite for the win

  • John Smith

    That’s Bullshit and I have disagree with “don’t blame them for not supporting the pc, because their game will get stolen”, say that to the indie devs. If I (unlikely as it is) invented a cure for cancer or HIV, should I not share it because it might be stolen?

  • Izzemo

    i think they forgot where there roots lay. That’s the problem with almost any game company that releases games these days. Many games started on the pc and just because playstation and xbox is more commercial they focus on those. Take black ops 1 for example. the game codec was originally designed for platforms and was not even modded properly for the pc. I think that they are making a big mistake not releasing it for pc, cause there’s still a big audience who play on the pc. it’s all about money and they don’t care about anything else otherwise they would have listen more carefully to what there fans had to say about what they expected from GTA V. It seems very promissing but still i don’t think the game is going to be the GTA experience we’ve had in the previous games. I’m curious about what it has to offer tough.

  • DTP

    The Gaming Industry will take fall. Not that far out in the future, because they are releasing so much crap. But instead of looking inward, like Hollywood should too. They Blame Piracy and a ton of other excuses. Crowd Funding will take off instead, where gamers will directly support the Developers(look at Elite. Dangerous and that Chris Robert game), instead of EA or others stepping in, thinking they know about gamers, and makes a mess of games. The same thing happened in the 80s. And mind you: we had consoles then: all of us. Still gaming industry took a fall: Until it was reinvented in the 90s, on what. YES THE PC. But have they learned. Nope. Lets release tons of crap and blame everybody else, when these crap titles fails to sell. Also you need people who are enthusiastic about making games. Not just peeps who took at 9-17 job because what they wanted to do, they could’nt.