GTA V Not Coming To PC?

PC gamers, I think it’s time you bite the bullet and get yourselves a console if you don’t already own one.

It’s hard to have to stare the obvious facts in the face and not say anything. Face it, most of us who play games on our PC/laptop have been keeping an eye out for any news on the PC version of Rockstar’s latest rendition of Grand Theft Auto and all we’ve had is zilch.

The same happened with Red Dead Redemption, a title that was massive on the consoles but missed out on getting a release on PC, disappointing many fans of the company.

We’ve seen numerous promotional posters and game box sleeves, all of which refer to the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game. With GTA V set to release in just a few months, surely some word on the game would have gotten out? To build up the hype for two consoles but leave the PC crowd out in the cold just doesn’t seem like something R* would willingly do to their devoted fans, unless of course the game isn’t coming to the PC platform.

We already know that a great deal of developers and publishers alike don’t fully support PC gaming, there are those that embrace it, but more and more are finding it harder to turn a profit with putting their titles out on the platform most commonly used for piracy. It’s true, PC gaming is in decline due to the piracy that has ravaged sales. Just go onto any popular torrent site and search for any of the top ten game and you will find they are being downloaded by millions.

So we have to ask ourselves, would we put out a product that has taken years to produce and has cost millions to get out there just to have it stolen by people who refuse to pay? I think I can answer for all of us, no. So why would R*? They’re a company that has to make money, and to be fair they are probably the best gaming company out there today. They spend years perfecting their products and it shows, they don’t try to squeeze the consumer with extortionate DLC but instead provide compelling, re-playable expansions to their already fantastic offerings. They treat us pretty well and actually respect their fans.

It’s hard to say, but I actually don’t blame them for not supporting the PC, it’s just not fair to them, not just as a company but the individuals who have spent so much of their time to bring us a product that will get stolen by the shedload.

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